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Reality Fix: Dancing with the Stars Finals Report [+VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Another season of Dancing with the Stars is wrapped. Do you know what was so great about this season? It was the first time there were a lot of people that were really good. It was definitely a fair and equal competition. Don’t you agree?

Before we talk about the final, I have to go back a week to the Semi-Finals. I was actually fortunate enough to attend the Results show live and in person. The cool thing was that I had just done an interview with Peta Murgatroyd. (Didn’t get to meet her, but so happy for her and Donald Driver!) It is so different from watching on TV. Here’s what two main things that happened that were my TV Goodness that night. 1.  I got to see William and Cheryl do their dance (William, muy caliente!) 2. I got to dance on the floor. They don’t always let people do it but it was so fun. Even Derek Hough came out and enjoyed himself. It was a good time.

Now let’s get back to the finale. The best dance of the season usually is the freestyle and William and Catherine did a great job. I’m not a fan of country music, but I have to take my hat off to Donald and Peta; for doing one of the best freestyle routines the show has ever seen. Donald finally got his 10 from Len! The results show had each couple do a dance that they learned the night before. Smart move to have all three couples do this dance and then announce the 3rd place winners. All three couples got perfect scores from the judges, so America was really making this decision. The competition could go anyway. (Now if we could just get more people to vote in the real elections. The candidates might have to do tricks and no one needs to see that)

I think most people thought that William was going to win because of how crazy people got about him. I wonder how close the votes were. Let’s put it this way, I think when William came in third, people were shock. I was shocked.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Then when they announced the winner of the famous mirror ball trophy, it became one of the best reactions I have ever seen! See, Donald was a real fan of the show from the beginning.  In fact he was such a fan that he referenced Drew Lachey’s winning dance from Season 2!  You can see how much he loved being there and how much winning meant to him. I understand because I would love to be on this show. But there is that little tiny problem: I am not famous or infamous. If there’s anyone out there that can help me with this goal, let’s talk. (I do draw the line of doing a sex tape or have 8 children)

Donald and Peta’s reaction after the winning announcement:

So another season comes to a close, and the exciting news is that the show comes back in the Fall with an All-Stars season!  Who do you want to be dancing again? I have a few ideas…

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