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3 Memorable Moments from Revenge’s “Grief” 


Photo Credit: ABC

With the season 1 finale of Revenge less than a week away things are getting (more) serious. I like that Charlotte is getting some help and I can’t be the only one who enjoyed that family therapy session from hell. How do Victoria and Grayson not realize what they’re doing to their children? Or maybe their kids are just collateral damage in their decades long war. What’s clear is that Charlotte’s about to relapse in a major way. I hope her parents bother to notice. And Daniel is firmly team Dad. Is he just looking to help his father clean up the family’s reputation or is it more? I don’t want to believe he’s so easily manipulated, although Emily continues to prove just that. Speaking of Emily…. First, I’m glad Nolan intervened and prevented her from doing something he know she’d regret to the white-haired man. That’s a true friendship and I like that she acknowledged that. And also, Emily needs to think about installing some security cameras outside her house. Ashley sees something she wasn’t meant to and I feel like this isn’t the first time all that glass in Emily’s house has given something away. All these juicy developments lead up to the 3 most memorable moments from “Grief.”

1. Sammy, the world’s oldest dog, dies. So emotional. Obviously the loss of a beloved pet can take a huge emotional toll. But part of Jack’s grief is the loss of his final connection to Amanda. The fake Amanda is being held by Takeda. Jack went on a wild goose chase trying to track her down, which speaks to how much he loves her. But maybe Sammy was a way to hold on to her until she came back. I can’t even say how much I love that Emily is there to hold his hand. It was such a sad, but touching moment and I’m glad they shared it.

2. Jack and Emily kiss. This moment has been a long time in coming and I love that it happened now. Both Emily and Jack were in a vulnerable place and they took comfort in each other. But more than that, Emily let herself feel something from her old life. Revenge took a backseat to her feelings for the boy she used to love and that was powerful. What does it all mean? I can’t imagine Emily giving up on her plans so easily. There are still people who need to pay and while she still has feelings for Jack, I don’t think they’ll trump her need for revenge. I do hope Jack keeps the pressure on and tries to make something happen with her. I think he’s one of the tethers (the other being Nolan) that will keep her alive and invested in having a “real” future.

Photo Credit: ABC

3. The white-haired man finds Nolan and subdues him. Such a great way to end the episode! We know what the white-haired man (the always great James Morrison) is capable of. What’s to stop him from killing Nolan? Short answer: Emily. Will he figure out who Emily really is? Who are his bosses and what do they want? I like that the white-haired man has proven himself to be a formidable opponent so far. It will be that much more satisfying when Emily and Nolan make him pay for his crimes.


  • Why didn’t Jack go to Emily’s house first when he was looking for his missing-in-action dog? Sammy always goes there. He said he didn’t think to look there. Really? Maybe worry for his dog scrambled his brain, but that just didn’t make sense to me.

    Photo Credit: ABC
  • I kind of wanted the white-haired man to be a simpler villain – someone smart, determined and brutal. But with ties to some bigger conspiracy this might get complicated. Maybe this is what will propel us into season 2, but it had better be good.

The season one finale of Revenge airs Wednesday, May 23rd at 10/9c. All photos credited to ABC.

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  1. Heather M

    As soon as it started, I knew who the grave was for and yelled OH COME ON! at my TV. It was done very lovingly, though, and was a rare moment of humanity for Emily, so points there. I wonder though down the line how Jack will feel that even in that moment, Emily couldn’t tell him who she was.

    Side note — how freaking huge was the bag Charlotte took from her dealer? That was almost a comically large amount for one teeny girl.

    1. TV Goodness

      Yeah, when I saw that big bag of pills I almost did a double take. I’m thinking she’s going to become a dealer (b/c seriously why so many pills?) or is thinking about ODing on purpose (and getting saved, of course) to show her parents how much they’ve hurt her.

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