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Game Changer: Tessa Wants Out of Chatswin, Suburgatory “The Motherload” 

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Were you as excited as I was when you heard Alicia Silverstone was cast in an arc as George’s love interest? It was a Clueless reunion of sorts and I was all for it. Then George met Eden and while I liked their chemistry, I have not enjoyed their relationship at all. It’s put George at odds with his daughter and his best friend. I can’t believe he moved Eden in with him and Tessa although I do understand that he didn’t want her to move away. But when a relationship causes that much tension between you and the ones you love maybe it’s not the healthiest relationship to be in.

Photo Credit: ABC

I like that Tessa has no problem telling George like it is. I love their strangely mature relationship and I like that George usually has Tessa’s best interests at heart. But lately he’s been doing a really poor job of parenting. He should be picking up on the vibes his daughter is putting out – namely that Tessa is looking to Dallas as not only a maternal figure, but a parental figure. George should be noticing that while he seems happy about Eden being in the house Tessa is not. And when George finally realizes Tessa isn’t being honest with him, it’s by accident. I was bummed that Tessa didn’t tell him about not getting the internship at The Village Voice. But he doesn’t seem to understand her need to get out of Chatswin. When she meets her maternal grandmother she sees a chance to escape and unless George wakes up she’s going to take it.

Maybe a summer spent apart is what both Tessa and George need. Maybe she needs to see that life in Manhattan isn’t the same without George and maybe George needs to realize it’s only a matter of time before Tessa leaves for college so he should be cherishing these years. I don’t need or want George to give up his personal life for his daughter but he’s got to open his eyes and see how his choices are affecting his kid. And I do want Tessa to try to be more understanding. I get that she has nothing in common with Eden and I guess on some level she’s trying, but it wouldn’t kill her to put in a little more effort. Ok. I guess I had strong feelings about that. Rant over.

Do I think Tessa will abandon George and the suburbs? Yes, but it will only be temporary. Father and daughter need to work a little on getting their dynamic back but I know they’ll get there. In the meantime, I’d like to see Tessa get to know her grandmother.

Photo Credit: ABC

Other developments

  • I love that Sheila briefly dated James Ingram. That scene in the Shay house was brilliantly awkward.
  • I completely understand why Lisa wanted to be adopted and I love that she’s Sheila and Fred’s biological kid. But Ryan isn’t and that’s very interesting.
  • Why am I so disappointed in Dalia for going to Israel with her father? I know she’s selfish but I’d like to think she cares enough about her mom to see that Dallas wanted her around for Mother’s Day. I blame myself for expecting that.
  • Noah and Jill Werner scare me. That nursery was insane and I understand why Eden went into false labor. I wonder if she’ll end up giving them the baby. I see turbulence ahead.

Suburgatory returns for season 2 in the fall.

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