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Biggest Moments from 90210’s Season 4 Finale “Forever Hold Your Peace” 

I didn’t know what to expect from the 90210 Season 4 finale. When it comes to this show, I never get the chance to read spoilers so I just take everything as it comes. In “Forever Hold Your Peace,” there were some really great moments, some really heartbreaking ones and then there were those I could have done without. Let’s start with the good stuff.

Three OMG Moments

Silver chooses her Baby’s Daddy. Confession: I’m not that interested in who Silver wants to be with — Navid or Liam. Personally, I think she should go for someone new, but who knows if that’ll ever happen. She does, however, have my full support on having a baby with Teddy. First of all, I really wish the opening credits hadn’t include Trevor Donovan‘s name. Because after I saw it, I kept looking for him. And when it was almost the end of the episode and I hadn’t seen him yet, it became easy to guess who she was going to ask to help her out. Regardless, it was the right choice.

Silver: “But Teddy, you and I have been through so much together and we have always been so close. I want the father of my baby to be someone that I know will always be in my life.” Teddy: “And that’s me?”
Silver: “And that’s you.”

Teddy and Silver have a great friendship (rocky at times but still great). It’s one of my most favorite relationships this show has ever had. And I’m talking after they dated. I doubt this will mean we’ll be seeing Teddy again next season. That’s just too much to hope for, right? I truly don’t want him to donate his sperm then get out of town. I want him to be there for Silver’s pregnancy every step of the way. Please make this happen, show. Teddy needs to be back on 90210 on a more permanent basis.

Naomi and Max get back together. Yeah, this is another one of my all-time favorite 90210 relationships. I never thought Max and Naomi would work. But they are so cute. And there’s a real chemistry that exists between AnnaLynne McCord and Josh Zuckerman. Max and Naomi are total opposites but they just fit together. So when Naomi crashed his wedding, I think it was a good move. Max is the guy she’s always had real lasting feelings for and now Max has realized the same thing.

Max: “You know, when you kissed me at the rehearsal, it was all I could do to pretend it didn’t mean anything. And I wanted to trust that you still had feelings for me, but I know you Naomi. You feel one thing one minute and then another the next. But when you burst into that church like an idiot, that’s when I knew it was real.”
Naomi: “Of course it’s real.”

You see, Max couldn’t marry “the great girl.” Madison was perfect in every way except for one. She wasn’t Naomi. Now I’m hoping Max and Naomi are end game for this show. If they’re getting these two back together please let them work out any issues that arise in the future. I feel like Naomi’s finally grown up and she’s ready for this. She’s ready to be with this guy forever. Or maybe I’m just freakin’ naive. Who knows.

Dixon doesn’t make it back to Ade. Weeks ago, Dixon went off on tour without discussing it with his girlfriend. That move was so incredibly stupid. I still don’t quite understand it. But, in this finale, Dixon didn’t pick his music over love again. He was offered an extension on the tour and he turned it down and decided to get a ride back to L.A. He had heard Adrianna’s bitter breakup song and knew he was in the doghouse. He wanted Ade to meet him at 2pm on the Santa Monica Pier — that is if she still loved him. Adrianna showed up and waited for Dixon. Unfortunately, he didn’t show. He and the guys he was riding back with got a flat in the mountains preventing him from meeting Ade, who then went off to Vegas with Austin. Dixon called Navid and asked him to find Adrianna to tell her that he still loves her. While they’re on the phone (and while Fun’s “We Are Young” was playing), a truck blindsides the car he was in. Now we’re left wondering if Dixon is even alive and if Tristan Wilds is leaving the show.

1 Heartbreaking Moment

Annie and Caleb break up. Another choice was made and it actually hit me harder than I thought it would have hit me. Annie knew the writing was on the wall. Caleb had briefly lost his connection with God, but it was clear that his place was serving the Lord as a priest. So Annie and Caleb had a really touching goodbye. It was sad but this is what Caleb needed to do. It was like he was tested and he got to experience something great but now it was time to do something even more honorable with his life. I really liked Caleb’s presence on this show. And it was great how he told Annie that he had no regrets about the time they shared. Something tells me that with Dixon’s life hanging in the balance, Annie might need Caleb again next season.

2 Meh Moments

Vanessa returns to Liam. I was glad that Vanessa was out of Liam’s life. Then she returned. Because Liam’s movie did well despite the scathing reviews about his performance, a sequel is set to start shooting and Vanessa said she’s attached as his manager and producer or something ridiculous like that. And now it’s off to Bolivia to shoot the movie. I hope Liam goes…without Vanessa.

Ivy goes after a deported Diego. It’s really hard to get into this story after Ivy just went through so much with Raj. She and Raj had to deal with cancer — and that was a great storyline. But this one she has going on with Diego and his pending deportation is just too much. I enjoyed him helping bring the true artist out in her but having a rally to prevent him from being sent back to Mexico City? Diego having to take sanctuary with the Church? Just…too…much. And now Ivy’s following Diego to Mexico City. I just hope she doesn’t end up married again in order for him to return to the U.S.

1 WTF Moment

Silver talks to Annie about Liam. Is it just me or was it weird having Silver talk to Annie about how much she wants Liam? I know Silver mentioned the weirdness but it’s odd to me that Annie’s not more upset about this Silver/Liam business. Yeah, she was involved with Caleb at the time of this conversation. I just got the sense that what Liam and Annie had was kind of epic and now her friend slept with him and is thinking about exploring a relationship with him. Why hasn’t there been a bigger reaction to this news? Maybe next season…

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