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Nurse Jackie “No-Kimono-Zone” 


Photo Credit: David M. Russell/SHOWTIME

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write about this show this season. I was clamoring for consequences at the end of season 3 and so far this season has been lousy with consequences – and I mean that in a good way. Jackie is finally taking responsibility and oh-so-slowly learning the ways she’s hurt everyone around her. And Kevin not only served her with divorce papers, but now he wants the house and spousal support. I get it, but I’m seriously worried about Jackie’s sobriety. She has such a tenuous grasp on it and I feel like the next thing that doesn’t go her way could set her off.

Photo Credit: David M. Russell/SHOWTIME

What else am I enjoying about this season? It is a real pleasure to see Anna Deavere Smith‘s Gloria Akalitus demoted and back on the floor. I love seeing her have to interact with the staff this way and I find her so much more human and enjoyable now. In “No-Kimono-Zone,” we see how her 30 years of dealing with social services helps a patient who really needs it. I’m also loving Bobby Cannavale as Dr. Mike Cruz. I approve of Jackie’s wet dream and I like that she and Charlie are friends, although she has no idea he’s her boss’s son. And I like their current truce. It’s more fun when they’re looking to bring each other down, but I feel like they’ll be back to that soon enough.

And another genius move? Having Zoey move in with Jackie. Now that Jackie has to “feel” everything it might be a bit surprising that she even asked Zoey to move in. But I like to think Jackie is doing something nice for Zoey because she sees that Zoey needs it. I think the kimono is cute and I love that Zoey already considers herself a parent to Jackie’s girls. It’s so Zoey. I think she (and I) became too comfortable in her relationship with Lenny. It’s strange and perhaps poetic that it’s Coop who makes her realize Lenny isn’t the one. Poor Lenny.

And Coop. Oh Coop. I love his misguided and desperate attempt to bond with O’Hara’s child. Maybe he should start looking for someone he wants to settle down with and have a family of his own with, but instead he zeroes in on Dr. O’Hara and her womb. She wants nothing to do with him, but that only makes him try harder. He’s woefully misguided, but it’s just so sweet. He really wants to be a part of this baby’s life. Part of me hopes O’Hara will let him even though I know it would be a huge mistake.

Nurse Jackie airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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