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Thoughts on The Secret Circle Season Finale “Family” 

Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW

Warning: Spoilers for the finale — don’t read if you haven’t watched

Editor’s Note: It was announced that the CW canceled The Secret Circle. Boo.

Season 1 of the CW’s The Secret Circle has come to an end. It was quite the bumpy road getting to this exciting conclusion. The first half of the season just didn’t live up to the hype that comes with having Kevin Williamson as an executive producer. But I have to say that at some point during the second half of the season, things picked up and started to get focused.

The finale helped end things on a higher note. It set things up nicely for Season 2 (should one happen). Blackwell’s gone. I’m OK with that. He was pretty evil. As evil as Eben the head Witch Hunter, who was also (thankfully) disposed of in this episode. Thoughts on the finale and next season if one were to happen:

  • I’m very interested to find out about this Balcoin circle. There are more of them out there, we saw a mysterious group of them at the end. It was like they were just waiting to pounce on Chance Harbor.
  • I love how Cassie and Diana are connected by blood, by family and now, possibly, by an even stronger Circle. Just think about how divided their high school Circle is going to get.
Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW
  • Moral Adam letting the Crystal Skull lure him into the dark side? Yes, please. Adam has been the least interesting character on this show. A walk over on the wild side instantly makes him more intriguing.
  • Jake and Faye have finally become a couple to root for. I wasn’t into Jake and Cassie so I’m glad the show didn’t go there. I hope they bring someone else in for Britt Robertson‘s character.
  • Am I the only one to notice some sparks between Adam and Melissa? If Adam turns all bad boy on us, that’ll only get Melissa even more interested. She loves bad boys. If this show gets a second season (and right now it’s a very big “if”), let’s find out more about her character. Needless to say, she was underused in Season 1. She had some big moments (losing Nick; killing Demon Nick) but overall, I would have loved to have seen her do more.
  • Cassie seems to let the darkness seduce her way too easily. It’d be fun to find out how bad she gets. I could see her take up with the Balcoin Circle…in a heartbeat.
  • As for Diana, what’s it going to take to get her back to Chance Harbor? I wonder if it’ll be the new Circle coming to town or something more? I like that she is resisting the pull of the black magic but how long is she going to be able to keep that up?
Photo Credit: Marcel Williams/The CW
  • I hope Charles is going to be all right and that his mom gets those demons out of him. I actually don’t want to see him be sucked deeper into evildom. I liked that he searched for redemption by helping rid Eben of the demons. But is it enough to make up for what he did? He killed Cassie’s mom. Don’t know if he’ll ever be able to get what he’s looking for.
  • The Circle is no longer bound together. This means Faye’s on the loose; and she’ll probably drag Melissa into trouble with her. What in the world did Jake’s grandfather give to him? And what does he mean by: “The Circles are coming together. Your fight is far from over?” Is this something that potentially could fight the Balcoin Circle? Because that’s probably something that needs to exist.
  • Where in the world did Ethan go? Why was he barely shown in this last part of the season? I feel even more sorry for him knowing how Blackwell ruined things for him and Amelia.
  • Charles’ mom gave him and Dawn her powers. Will they still have them if a Season 2 happens? It’s kind of scary that both Faye and Dawn would potentially have powers at the same time. Those two are forces of nature — there’s no telling what those two could do under the (magical) influence, especially if they combined their powers.

So, if this is a series finale, rather than a season finale, it’ll definitely be disappointing. I started to like this show more and more these last few episodes. Anytime Gale Harold is on TV gives me an instant reason to watch. And he was just so damn good as Charles. Harold made me care for this guy I should really despise. I hope the CW gives this show another shot. The cast was finally starting to gel and I think that showed in the finale. If this show is over, I think I’m going to have to read the books.

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