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Moment of Goodness

Reality Fix: Moment of Goodness from Dancing with the Stars’ Classical Week 


As good as this season has been, there was something on last week’s result show that was a real Moment of Goodness. DWTS has been doing segments on people that have had to overcome incredible odds to be a dancer. During Classical Week, they told the story of Richard “Steelo” Vasquez. He has been one of the top street dancers and worked in film and stage. On June 19, 2011, Steelo was suddenly struck with a brain aneurism. He was unable to walk or do any basic functions that all of us take for granted. This man has fought his way back with rehab and help from his family and friends. For the first time since this horrible event happened, he got to dance with his crew on DWTS. Not only was it a miracle, it was inspirational. Everyone chanted his name when he was finished.

It makes you think how life can change at any moment.

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