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Looking Ahead: What I’d Like to See in the Season 5 Castle Premiere 

Photo credit: ABC/Vivian Zink

I’ll admit it: I’m still basking in the wonderful afterglow of “Always.” But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also speculating about what the season 5 premiere of Castle will bring. Andrew Marlowe has talked about the season 5 premiere so I know it’s just a matter of time before the show gets renewed. Speaking of Andrew Marlowe, he’s told (or maybe warned) us that season 5 will open with the aftermath of “Always.” What does that mean? I feel like aftermath has such a negative connotation and there is definitely about to be a lot of change – some of it good, some of it bad. I know what I’d like to see.

The Good

Castle and Beckett haven’t officially closed the deal yet according to what we witnessed. We saw the kissing, we heard some words we’ve been waiting years to hear, and we saw them walk towards Castle’s bedroom. I’d love to see them in bed in the actual aftermath. I’d love to see them talking, making plans for the future, etc. I know I’m not alone in that.

Photo credit: ABC/Vivian Zink


The Bad

Javi and Ryan are not in a good place. I think Ryan did what he had to do to insure his partner and his friends made it back alive. Someone needed to tell Gates what was going on. Ryan made the right call, but I do understand why Esposito’s upset. He feels like Ryan betrayed him, he feels like Ryan didn’t have his back. This is a relationship I cannot bear to see torn apart. I want them to make up as soon as possible and I’d like to see Espo acknowledge that it was Ryan’s actions that saved Beckett’s life.

The Very Bad

I thought we’d be done with the mystery of Johanna Beckett and, quite frankly, I was kind of ready for it to be over. I don’t know if I assumed the case would be solved or permanently forgotten, but I love this complication. Anytime Tahmoh Penikett wants to grace my screen is a good day. But he’s such a serious threat to Beckett – and probably Castle’s - life that it’s making me nervous. He tracked down Montgomery’s friend Smith, who has the “blackmail” materials that have been keeping Beckett alive. But even that isn’t going to keep Beckett safe anymore. As soon as Cole Maddox gets those documents, I’m sure he’ll kill Smith before he sets his sights on Beckett again. So she’s in even more danger than ever and she’s not a cop anymore. I know Castle or someone or something (maybe her father or maybe her conscience) will lead her back to the force. She’ll need resources to track her mother’s killer down and I’m confident she’ll finally get to the bottom of this mystery. Also, I think Beckett was meant to be a cop. She needs to see justice done and there aren’t too many professions out there like that. I’m really looking forward to seeing who Tahmoh’s “employer” is and just how far this corruption goes.

Want to watch the magic of Castle from the beginning? Season 1 starts airing this summer on TNT.

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