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TV Goodness Q&A: Cassie Steele Part 2 [Interview] 

Photo Credit: Stephen Scott /Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc.

The pilot for The L.A. Complex has aired and while it didn’t get much of a sampling, we’re hoping viewers will tune in as the season continues. We’ve heard nothing but good things so we’re excited to see where this show is going. When we originally did this Q&A with Complex star, Cassie Steele, she talked about some specific things that went down in the first episode. So, here’s a tiny bit more insight to her character as well as her favorite scenes from The L.A. Complex debut just as the second episode is set to air tonight on the CW.

Warning: Spoilers for the premiere mentioned

TV Goodness: There’s that scene in the audition where Abby gets sick all over the piano. What were you thinking during that scene? Were you drawing on your experience of auditioning for The L.A. Complex?

Cassie Steele: No, because I don’t think that’s — it’s not a regular experience. I think I was just taking it, you know, as real as I could. That’s kind of my schtick. I guess I’m overly sensitive, I would say. So it was definitely really fun. But the anxiousness of getting there and, you know, afterwards and just being bummed about everything was understandable, but definitely something that I could relate with.

TV Goodness: Do you have a favorite scene in the pilot that you can share with us?

Cassie Steele: I guess I really like the throw up scene. That was really fun to shoot in general. And I think it was actually one of the first scenes that we shot. Oh maybe not. Never mind, I was in a bra and panties the first scene we shot. And I was incredibly uncomfortable. I wear a bra and panties but with my past experiences [on TV], this was really crossing over. I don’t think I’ve ever shown so much skin on screen. And, it was terrifying because we were supposed to be outside and it started raining. So, that was the rain cover, were those inside scenes in the strip club. So, I was terrified. But, I guess, I’m used to it now.. I look forward to being in my bra and panties too. [LAUGHS]

TV Goodness: So you’ve definitely done more than that since the pilot?

Cassie Steele: Yes, and I think it’s just something that once you know the cast and the crew well, I think it’s a lot easier. I think I just totally wasn’t ready for it. The throw-up scene was really fun just because I was throwing up and I got to make really awful sounds that like something savage would make. So, yeah, everything was really fun. The first episode was a really great experience in general.

TV Goodness: What’s your favorite relationship on the show with your character?

Cassie Steele: Right now, I think I really love the relationship with Abby and Connor in the beginning. I think it’s really strong. And, who knows if it’s going to go on or not. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I just think that it’s so true. I’ve been in the experience where…there are so many charismatic people in this industry. Sparks, sometimes, they just go off. And you get really close really fast and you have a lot of feelings really quickly. And then they’re gone. No, I’m just joking. But, you meet really incredible, really great looking guys. So, it’s definitely something that’s real. I mean, I would say it was a perk but, obviously, Abby has bad luck.

Our thoughts on the upcoming season of The L.A. Complex

Now that you’ve seen the pilot, we’re sure you have some expectations about what’s next. So do we and while we’re always happy to be surprised along the way, here’s a little bit of what we’re hoping to see this season:

Photo Credit: Stephen Scott /Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc.

Abby Vargas: We hope her long distance boyfriend is history. Of course we don’t know the whole story, but we feel like we got more than enough of him in the pilot. And we want to see where thing go with Connor. As far as job prospects? We understand her need for fast money and we like that it seems like she won’t be putting up with strip club patrons who want more than she’s advertising.
Raquel Westbrook: We want to see her succeed so we’re hoping that script goes somewhere. Hopefully she’ll remain attached along with the newbie writer/directors. As far as her love life? We like that she has history with Connor, but we’d like to see who else catches her eye.
Connor Lake: We want him back at the complex STAT (yes, that’s a medical term. Hey, he’s playing a doctor). We like his budding relationship with Abby, but he seems a little too good to be true. What’s he hiding? Or is he really just a great guy?
Tariq Muhammad: We don’t care how long he’s been working for that music producer, he needs to pay his dues. Kids today! But seriously, part of paying your dues is learning the business – everything about the business. He could be one of the most talented music producers out there eventually, but he won’t get far unless people in the industry want to work with him.
Nick Wagner: So adorable, but he needs to have a life. His comedy needs to reflect his experiences but first he needs to go out and have some. We want to see him put himself out there with a girl, maybe even get his heart broken. We want to see him “get a life” so he’ll have the material he needs for his routine. We believe in him.
Alicia Lowe: She seems like a bit of a nurturer when she’s not taking her clothes off. We like how encouraging she was to that newbie dancer during her audition and we like that she’s kind of taken Abby under her wing. We’d like to see her get a job that she doesn’t have to strip for, but we do understand her need for money.

The L.A. Complex airs Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW.

Part 1 of our Cassie Steele Q&A is here

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