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Moment of Goodness: Ray Gets Revenge on Damien Fontleroy, Breakout Kings Season 2 Finale “Freakshow/”Served Cold” 

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/A&E

This show really knows how to fashion a cliffhanger. I was just okay with the entire 2-hour finale until the very last five minutes. That’s when it got awesome. Damien upped the stakes big time by kidnapping Ray’s daughter and sending the Breakout Kings on yet another twisted scavenger hunt; one that included them finding a clue in Charlie’s ashes. How sick is that? The hunt was designed to help Lloyd go down the path of Damien. Fontleroy wanted the good doctor to become him; he wanted to prove he was superior to Lloyd. And for that to happen, he needed to have Lloyd take someone’s life. So, before he would reveal the location of Ray’s daughter, Charlie’s killer wanted Lowery to off the circus freak turned escaped prisoner they still had in custody.

But, Lloyd couldn’t do it, of course. And thanks to some last minute tactics using fire alarms, they were able to pinpoint Damien’s location. Because, Lord knows, he was so sadistic and obsessed with Lloyd’s downfall, he had to keep a close eye on the action. He wanted to witness the murder. The Kings cornered Fontleroy on the roof. Ray threatened to throw Damien over the edge if he didn’t give him the location of his daughter. After some needless posturing, and Ray almost going through with his threat, Damien told Ray his daughter was on the roof of their Marshals office. Julianne found her safe and sound.

But, Damien couldn’t leave things alone. Maybe he didn’t want to go back to prison so he decided to go for broke:

Damien: “It’s amazing the access you get posing as a Marshal. I’m gonna miss that.”
Ray: “Cuff him.”
Damien: “OK, but before you cuff me, I need a file. Because when I buried my clue in the urn, I got some of Charlie stuck under my nails. And it’s bothersome.”

After a few suspenseful seconds — and a smug smirk on Damien’s part — Ray pushed the serial killer off the roof. Damien landed with a thud on a car below leaving the cons (and me) in shock. So, ultimately, Fontleroy was able to push someone’s buttons to the point where they became a cold-blooded killer. It just wasn’t Lloyd. It was Ray. Is Ray going to feel remorse for his actions on that rooftop? He’s an angry guy, and in the Marshals world, his name is tainted, even though he got reinstated in the season premiere. It’s no surprise when Chief Inspector Wendell is back on the scene and he wants the cons to come clean. He’s willing to give them incentive to do just that, because his gut is telling him something went wrong up there on that roof:

Wendell: “If you provide me with the detailed and truthful account of today’s events, then your prison sentences will be considered served in full. You can be with your mother, your girlfriend, your daughter…tonight. Free as a bird. Just give me Zancanelli.”

So, how are the cons going to react? Are they going to show loyalty to Ray? Or are they going to choose freedom? They are each serving fairly long sentences. The temptation to be free may be too great. While I understand why Ray did what he did to Damien, what he did was done in revenge. His emotions were out of whack after thinking Damien was going to hurt his daughter. There’s also the fact that he had to stick his hand in Charlie’s ashes in order to get one of the clues, and Damien was basically baiting him. I don’t know if this is something you can come back from. It’s clear that the powers that be (at the U.S. Marshals) have it out for Ray. Should Breakout Kings get a third season, I wonder what will happen? The last five minutes were intense and the cliffhanger ending was pretty epic. Charlie’s death was avenged. But there will be consequences. What will the cons decide? Erica, Lloyd and Shea have some serious thinking to do.

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/A&E

Even though Season 2 did a good job of not forgetting Charlie, I’m still upset over the fact he was killed. I feel like a lot of the heart of the show left with his exit. However, I do think Lloyd was the season’s most valuable player, having been an integral part in catching many of the escapees; his love for Julianne had a heartbreaking result; and Damien’s obsession with him was the key to much of the action. I’m glad that no one else major died in the finale; and I can’t even fathom what’s going to happen if or when there’s a Season 3.

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  1. kirstie

    YES there should be a season 3 the programme is awesome and I want to know what Lloyd Erica and Shae decide to do soooo pleaaaase make another series!

  2. zach

    Who ever thought of cancelling Breakout Kings I’m sorry but that was just plain stupidI mean u just can’t leave us in suspense I mean people are going to have so many questions did they turn in ray or did he stay loyal come on theres gotta be a third season cant just leave it at that

  3. bill

    I just think there should be one more episode to kill the suspense and then the show can end I love the show and jus more episode wouldve been the icing on the cake!

    1. Tina Charles

      I agree. That would have been nice.

  4. Juan

    Yes make a 3rd season.i want the see if they turn in ray n if jules accept that she loves Lloyd pls

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