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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You: Guide to Guest Stars (Week of April 15) 

As we edge closer to the final episodes of the traditional 2011-2012 TV season, many more great guest stars are cropping up on my favorite shows, as I am sure they are doing on your favorite shows.

Josh Zuckerman

Let’s start with last Sunday’s new episode of Breakout Kings that featured actor Josh Zuckerman as the latest escapee being chased by the team. Josh is probably best known for his work on Kyle XY and 90210, but he has had recurring roles in Desperate Housewives and CSI: Miami. He’s also had guest starring roles in episodes of NYPD Blue, Judging Amy, House, Close to Home, and Boston Legal.

Photo Credit: Doug Hyun /The CW
Photo Credit: ABC/Ron Tom

On Monday night, actor Justin Hartley appeared in the return episode of Hart of Dixie and actor Adam Baldwin appeared in the new episode of Castle. Justin, as most TV viewers know, appeared in latter seasons of Smallville, but he got his start in the daytime soap Passions. He appeared in the web series Gemini Division with Rosario Dawson and had guest roles on CSI: Miami, Castle, Chuck, and Cold Case. Adam, of course, is best known for starring alongside Castle lead Nathan Fillon in the short-lived Firefly as well as the cult favorite series Chuck. He’s also guest starred on Love Bites, CSI:NY, and Bones.

Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/CBS

Then on Tuesday night, actor Gaius Charles appeared on the new episode of NCIS as an arson investigator who shares a past with Tony. It turns out Tony saved his life when he was a young boy. Gaius is best known for his role on Friday Night Lights but he has also appeared in episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Pan Am.

Photo Credit: ABC

On Wednesday night Revenge was finally back with a new episode and actor James Purefoy appeared as a former (and current) lover of Victoria Grayson. James is probably best known for his role in the TV series Rome. He has also appeared in the made-for-TV movies Camelot and Frankenstein.

John de Lancie

Actor John de Lancie appeared in the Thursday night episode of The Secret Circle, as Jake’s grandfather. John has a long TV and film resume, but is best known for playing Q in Star Trek. He also appeared in TV shows like Torchwood, Breaking Bad, Charmed, Stargate SG1, and the short-lived series Legend.

That same night over on Scandal featured three guest stars: Michael Cassidy and Curtis Armstrong as well as actress JoBeth Williams. Michael played a spoiled rich boy accused of rape and JoBeth was his mother, a powerful CEO while Curtis was the rich boy’s defense attorney.

Michael got his first big break on The O.C. and then appeared in the short-lived shows Hidden Palms and Privileged. He also had a short recurring role on Smallville, made a guest appearance on Castle, and the web series Rockville CA.

JoBeth Williams

JoBeth has a long resume of TV and films roles including the classic films Kramer vs. Kramer, Poltergeist, and The Big Chill as well as the made-for-TV movie Adam. She also appeared in the short-lived TV series The Client and more recently appeared in Judging Amy, Las Vegas, 24, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Private Practice, and Hart of Dixie.

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis, of course, is best known for his roles in the Revenge of the Nerds films as well as TV series Moonlighting. Over the past decade or so he appeared in TV shows like The Chronicle, Ed, Boston Legal, The Closer, and American Dad.

There were also a number of familiar faces on Friday night’s programming, including actress Larisa Oleynik as a cop who witnessed some of her fellow officers beating a criminal on Fairly Legal; actor Rick Ravanello as a dangerous arms dealer on Nikita; actress Jamie Luner as a fellow hunter and friend of Sam, Dean, and Bobby on Supernatural; and actor Neil Hopkins as the leader of a resistance group and actor Sebastian Roche as a gun-for-hire for the Verrat, a ruthless group hunting down members of the resistance both on Grimm.

Larisa Oleynik

Larisa has appeared in episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Malcolm in the Middle, and Without a Trace. More recently she has had recurring roles in Hawaii Five-0 and Mad Men.

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW


Rick has appeared in the TV shows Stargate SG1, The Outer Limits, Millennium, Viper, Mercy Point, First Wave, Without a Trace, CSI, 24, Desperate Housewives, The Closer, Cold Case, Bones, Smallville, and Lincoln Heights. He also had a role in the web series Gemini Division and the made-for-TV movies Doomsday Prophesy and Trial By Fire.

Jamie got her start in the comedies Just the Ten of Us and Growing Pains and then made a splash in the short-lived series Savannah. From there she appeared in Melrose Place (the original), Profiler, and All My Children. She also had roles in the made-for-TV movies Trust, Heat Wave, The Perfect Marriage, Stranger in My Bed, and Blind Justice.

Neil is probably best known for his role of Charlie’s brother and band mate on Lost; but before that he appeared in TV shows like Crossing Jordan, Charmed, NCIS, CSI, Big Love, The 4400, Ghost Whisperer, The Cleaner, and Criminal Minds. More recently he has appeared in episodes of Castle, CSI: Miami, True Blood, and Bones.

Sebastian Roche

Lastly, Sebastian has appeared in TV shows such as Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, General Hospital, Fringe, 24, Odyssey 5, and the short-lived series Roar (with the late Heath Ledger). 

So, once again, there were a lot of great guest stars in my favorite shows this past week.  Please share the familiar faces you saw on your favorite shows.

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