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Character Development + Couples Talk: 90210 “Bride and Prejudice” 

Photo Credit: Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

Character Development: Naomi Clark ends her engagement to PJ Hillingsbrook

I was proud of Naomi in this episode. “Bride and Prejudice” shows exactly how much she’s grown since Season 1. The old Naomi would have kept up the charade in order to get the man AND the money. The old Naomi would have been pissed off he hadn’t told her about the trust fund he’s set to collect on his 28th birthday provided he gets married. The old Naomi would have come up with a super-powered plan of revenge over this man that done her wrong. Thankfully, the old Naomi is a thing of the past.

The new Naomi values herself. She knows she deserves to be loved. And she isn’t willing to settle for anything less. At the over-the-top engagement party she clearly didn’t want, she knew the writing was on the wall, or on this case the ship. PJ wants the money and he wants it bad. But does he want her more? That’s the question Naomi’s asking. I, actually, really love this storyline. I love Nick Zano too, but I’m not sure his character’s deep enough to choose the girl over the fortune. Oh and one side note: even though I think PJ and Naomi look great together, Austin and Naomi still have some chemistry left between them. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see a character that has evolved over the years. That doesn’t always happen on soaps like 90210. Oh and kudos to Annie for putting her friend first and telling Naomi about PJ’s big secret. Also refreshing. Things are moving fast on this show and it’s making the drama that much better.

Couples Talk

I’m still not sure if I am completely on board with Ade and Dixon. I like the idea of them together. They have so much in common. But much like Dixon’s other relationships, they end quickly and in an unsatisfying way. He goes off on this tour and barely discusses anything of his new record deal with Adrianna. It’s all so rushed. He plays the showcase with Haley whatshername and then the next thing we know, he heads out on tour with her. He called and left his girlfriend messages? Not enough. But, I guess it leaves Adrianna open for a possible something with Austin, who knows. Right now he’s all about managing her burgeoning country music career. Who wants to take bets it’ll turn into something more? As for Adrianna and Dixon, the chemistry isn’t really there but I don’t care. I really like them together anyway. Up until recently they served as a great support for each other. I hope when Dixon returns they can salvage something.

OK, I am an Annie/Liam fan but right now the show isn’t going there, although in “Bride and Prejudice,” there is a reminder that the two share some sort of soulmate kind of bond or vibe. Having said that, I’m loving this story she’s sharing with Father Whatawaste (aka Caleb). He’s not a priest yet (thankfully), but I think Annie and Caleb have a connection. And now they have more of one considering they were just macking on the beach. What does that mean for Caleb’s priestly plans? How much guilt is Annie going to feel should Caleb choose her over the seminary? Maybe the priesthood isn’t Caleb’s calling. It seems like he’d be an amazingly spiritual person regardless of whether he becomes a priest or not. There is a hiccup. He called Social Services on Ivy, who clearly has a death wish in the wake of Raj’s passing. How’s that going to sit with Annie? I don’t know if I’d have gone that far, but Ivy is in serious need of some help.

Where to start on these three. I used to be a big Silver/Navid fan but the show kind of killed them for me with the whole undercover act Navid had going in order to catch his shady uncle committing a crime. But I don’t think I’m loving Liam and Silver either. First of all, does anybody stay single for long on this show? Liam and that horrid Vanessa just broke up; it wasn’t that long ago that Silver was involved with the guy who had the adopted kid (Adrianna’s child). Silver and Liam just hopped in bed but quick and according to the previews for the next episode, something even more significant happens that’ll change everything forever if it’s true. Is it just me or has Silver been with all the boys on this show? Let’s see: Dixon, Teddy, Navid and now Liam. I think she needs to go back to looking outside her circle of friends for love next time. What do you guys think? Are you for Silver/Liam or Annie/Liam? Inquiring minds want to know. To me, Silver doesn’t seem to have the same feelings for Navid she used to have. And I thought for sure Navid was going to make the decision to go back to Princeton. Instead, he decided Silver’s the one for him.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with this episode, but I still miss Teddy. Just saying.

90210 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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