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Love to Hate ‘Em: Jackie Florrick, The Good Wife “Pants on Fire” 

Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/CBS

What got me through The Good Wife‘s mini-break between new episodes was thinking of the fallout over Jackie’s latest scheme. Knowing full well Alicia was trying to buy the house she once lived in with Peter and the kids, Grandma Florrick put a higher down payment on the same house. That way, Peter could live there with the kids instead. And if she was invited to live there with them, all the better. Needless to say, her ex-daughter-in-law wasn’t happy. The confrontation at the salon was more controlled than I would have liked, but I bet Alicia didn’t want to cause a scene. What was better was the scene between mother and son at his office.

Peter was very unyielding when it came to his mom. He told her in no uncertain terms not to buy the house. That if she wanted him in her life, she would take the loss pulling out of the deal would cost her. And no matter what accusations she leveled against her son’s estranged wife — Jackie said Alicia was manipulating him and controlling him — he didn’t back down. I think I loved Peter more in that moment than I ever have before.

Too bad Jackie figured out a way to get the upper hand again. All of a sudden, she’s calling Alicia from the hospital claiming she had a stroke (either very suspicious or very convenient). Peter shows up to be by his mom’s side and poof — no more conflict. Not sure what’s going to happen with the house, but there’s no way Peter will even think of removing himself from his mother’s life now. Oh and we can’t forget that Kalinda figured out Jackie came up with the money for the down payment by dipping into Zach and Grace’s trust funds. Not cool.

Jackie accused Alicia of being manipulating and controlling. She should know. That’s all she’s ever been. Since the beginning of this series, she’s made sure to mark her territory and try to ingratiate herself where she doesn’t belong. She’s nosy, meaning she isn’t beyond looking through Alicia’s stuff for incriminating evidence for whatever machination she’s up to at the time. She’s judgmental, overly protective, and icy. You see that she does care for her son and her grandkids, but she wants to live a life with them where Alicia doesn’t exist. She’s just insidious and, more importantly, fun to watch. I love to hate Jackie. This show has a lot of shady characters but I can’t get enough of her. More power (and nastiness) to her. Mary Beth Peil does such a good job at being bad. She delivered that “I forgive you” to Alicia from her hospital bed so deliciously perfect.

Only two episodes of The Good Wife remain (boo!). The show airs on CBS at 9/8c on Sundays.

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