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We Need to Know: Will we finally get a Siobhan vs. Bridget Showdown in the Ringer Finale? 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/The CW

OK, we’ve been patient. Every episode of Ringer‘s Season 1 has aired except for the finale, which might turn out to be a series ender instead of a season ender. We just don’t know yet. So, with one episode left, we’re wondering if we’re finally going to get certain payoffs.

From the looks of the finale preview, it does seem like Bridget’s about to come clean with Andrew; or at least try to, anyway. That’s a good move. But there’s something bigger out there that needs to happen. Will we actually get a Siobhan versus Bridget face-to-face showdown in the finale? We better. Here’s to hoping that when it occurs, it goes down well before the last couple minutes of the hour. And that it’s not going to be some quick 20-second cliffhanger that results in severe dissatisfaction, especially if the show doesn’t continue on next season. It needs to be a meeting of substance. Not in flashback. Not a near miss. It needs to be twin challenging twin — only one can survive. OK, it doesn’t really need to be a battle to the death. But the claws need to be showing. There needs to be some verbal combat here. There needs to be some emotional devastation. And plenty of sarcastic barbs tossed freely, too. Because a true sister/sister moment (in the present) hasn’t happened since the pilot, it needs to be epic. Yes, there are some high expectations for what should happen in the finale. Don’t judge.

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/The CW

The latest episode — “It’s Called Improvising, Bitch” — was a good one but spent so much time on Catherine’s meltdown and Siobhan trying to clear Henry, that there was no time to set up any potential smackdowns. The twist of Catherine being in love with Olivia was cool. Just wish the show had dealt with this episodes ago. Andrea Roth has been fantastic as Catherine, although it’s great the hot mess of a woman finally got her comeuppance.

At this point, I feel like Siobhan really does love Henry in her own twisted way. But, she loves someone much more than him. Herself. She’s constantly lying. To borrow a word from Fringe‘s Walter Bishop, she’s got her own “vagenda” that she hasn’t truly shared with anyone. Catherine’s flashbacks continued to impress on us just how cold and unfeeling Siobhan was back before her sister took her place. I’m kind of scared for those kids that she just gave birth to via emergency C-section.

Now that the Andrea business is taken care of, it’s time to work out a way for Bridget & Siobhan to cross paths. If it doesn’t happen in “I’m the Good Twin,” it’s going to be upsetting. I hate to play The Lying Game card here. But, it’s wonderful how that show was able to have the twins eventually interact and even switch places (again and again) even though they weren’t getting along at all. The relationship between the twins on Ringer isn’t at all like the one Emma and Sutton have. It’s much more sinister and effed up and that’s why those two need to just freakin’ find themselves in the same room in the finale. Dear Ringer EPs, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder: Please make this happen.

Photo Credit: Art Streiber/The CW

Oh and another question needs to be asked as well. Where in in the hell is Malcolm? He disappeared after he decided to testify against Badaway Macawi. As of this week, there’s still nothing on him. And at this point, no one’s even talking about him anymore. What gives? Hopefully, the show will get back to that in the finale as well.

The Ringer Season 1 Finale airs Tuesday April 17 at 9/8c on the CW.

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