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The War Between The Kings and Damien Fontleroy Heats Up, Breakout Kings “I Smell Emmy” 

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/A&E

Damien’s back. He’s causing trouble and he’s making Lloyd put his considerable deductive skills to work. But, before I get to that, can I just say that the open to this episode was one of the grossest ever? What Emmy did to escape from jail was utterly disgusting. I can’t believe the show went there. Ew. And please don’t get me started on Shea’s invention to stop ashy elbows from forming. Just too weird for words.

OK, on to Damien. We already know the escaped convict has it totally out for Lloyd. And he has been keeping in touch, having sent a postcard to Ray that said: “Miss You. Love, Damien.” So, the taunting has begun and in “I Smell Emmy,” it escalates big time:

  • More postcards have arrived, including one addressed to Lloyd that contains some cryptic phrase from the Clinton-Lewinsky era: “Dr. Lowery, I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
  • Ray reveals the fact that he already has three other postcards from Damien (they tested positive for his DNA and fingerprints).
  • There are no postmarks on these postcards — he’s using an anonymous mail service to get this correspondence delivered.
Photo Credit: A&E
  • I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect to get an actual appearance from Damien in this episode. However, he did show up complete with Charlie’s badge. He drives up to a gymnasium, where he talks to a woman using Charlie’s name as an alias. He says he’s a U.S. Marshal and has the badge to back his story up. The cheer coach had no idea who she was talking to. I hate that he’s using Charlie’s name to help with his crimes.
  • Lloyd realizes the Clinton message has to do with the time in his life when he first started interviewing criminals like Damien for a government study. The tapes show a Damien that’s disturbed. At a certain point, he displays some sort of dual identity disorder. Lloyd says he reveals a splintered psyche: “That’s the point where his infantile ego regresses and his false self emerged.” The interview was recorded on the day Clinton publicly denied his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
  • In the tapes, Damien reveals a bit of character development. He seems to “splinter” when he talks about his parents. He says his mother was the “mad scientist that made me.”
  • Damien talking about his mom has Lloyd thinking he might go after her. But could he be going after Lloyd’s mom instead? When Lloyd calls home, he learns Damien sent a postcard addressed to him there. He asks his mom to fax it to them.
  • Lloyd figures out the clues Damien’s been sending. “Change is the law of life” is a JFK quote. “Old Hickory” is an Andrew Jackson nickname. Add in the Clinton quote and all of a sudden there’s a presidential theme to the clues. They know the escaped con’s in Philadelphia so they find his location and Marshals are able to save the ladyl before Damien can kill her. But that’s what he wanted, right?
  • Damien calls Lloyd. He actually makes contact with him. He says he’s impressed. He also says something very ominous: “I have to thank you, Lloyd, for freeing me. I don’t need Brent anymore. You’ve opened me up to a whole new world.” What does that mean? Well, it certainly means he doesn’t need a partner to help with his killing sprees anymore. According to Lloyd, what he does need is an audience. And he’s it. I’m really loving that this whole arc is turning out to be this cat-and-mouse game between Damien and Lloyd.

One of the only good things to come out of this whole Charlie’s death story is that Lloyd has stepped up in the group even more. Erica has as well. She’s been great and she’s turned into this really good investigator. But, Lloyd’s knowledge of people’s minds and their motives for their behaviors is essential to the success of the Breakout Kings. He’s really impressed me this season. I’m hoping this brush with Damien will force the team to work the case even harder, though it’s not, technically, theirs to investigate. At the end of the hour, it seems like that’s where things are heading.

In “I Smell Emmy,” the group’s focus was splintered into two different directions: one on Emmy and one on Damien. I kind of liked that. It’ll keep them on their toes. Damien seems like he’s ready to raise the stakes in a big and bad (re: vicious) way sooner rather than later. I love that he was back in this episode. I wonder how many more he’ll appear in before the season ends.

Random Thought

  • I’m still trying to figure out Ray. I keep gravitating towards Lloyd or Erica — I just flat out like what they’ve been doing this season. I’m waiting for Ray to be a true leader. He still seems unsure of what he’s doing, which, I guess, is natural. I do think he’s going to have his big hero moment where we finally can accept him as the leader of the Breakout Kings. But, for now, Charlie’s death has left a big hole that’s yet to be filled.

Breakout Kings airs Sundays at 10/9c on A&E. Lloyd Lowery, himself, recaps the entire episode, including the whole Damien Fontleroy business.

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