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Joan (Finally) Kicks Greg to the Curb, Mad Men “Mystery Date” 

Photo Credit: AMC

It’s about time. I have been waiting for Joan to come to her senses and throw that man out for years. I know it was a different time. I know she married him and that meant something to her. But he raped her and I couldn’t forgive him. Every time I see him I think about how he violated Joan – in so many ways.

I guess they’ve always had a somewhat volatile relationship. When things were going well for Joan at work, Greg made it clear he didn’t think she should be working. When she seemed more sexually experienced than he, he forced himself on her. When it looked like his career as a surgeon was over before it started, he joined the army without telling her. I’m not really sure what Joan ever saw in Greg. Maybe she let herself get swept up in the fairytale when they first met. It didn’t take long for her to see her prince was really a frog, but she seemed determined (or maybe resigned) to see it through.

The fact that Greg wasn’t going to tell Joan the truth about re-enlisting speaks volumes. The fact that he told his parents, but not Joan says something too. I’m glad she came to the realization that she doesn’t need him. I mean, he demonstrated that his career is more important than her or their child. Well, he demonstrated that his pride is more important than anything. And, yes, I know Kevin’s not really his. And, yes, I do think Joan had no right to make Greg think Kevin was his son. But more than that, I’m glad Joan’s done thinking that Greg owned her, or had some sort of control over her. I’m glad she values herself enough to put herself and her child first. I’m glad she told him the real reason she was done with him. Joan will be fine without Greg. She’s a fighter.

Mad Men airs Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.

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