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Spring TV Crush: The Men of ABC’s Scandal 


Warning: Spoilers Discussed

So, the pilot for Shonda Rhimes’ newest ABC series, Scandal, has aired, and if you haven’t found the time to watch just yet, we’re about to give you some reasons to quickly rectify the matter. Not only is the series fast-paced, features lots of drama and fierce female characters, there’s plenty of hotness involved in the action, too. Yes, good writing and acting are a necessity, but so is the presence of some eye candy. Scandal has plenty of crush-worthy males, starting with the guy who just so happens to play the President of the United States. Crushin’ on the POTUS? Yes, please.


Actor: Tony Goldwyn
Scandal Character: President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant
Scandal Assessment: First of all, the leader of the free world on this show has a very presidential name. He also happens to exhibit some less-than-presidential behavior (or is that very presidential behavior? Just wondering). Anyway, we don’t know whether this guy is good or the total opposite of good, but we’re going to have fun finding out. Already, his chemistry with Olivia Pope (actress Kerry Washington) is off the charts. Unfortunately, Olivia isn’t his wife aka the First Lady. Awkward.
The Crush Factor: From Ghost all the way up until now, Tony Goldwyn has gotten more handsome with age. Too bad that, lately, he’s been busy behind the scenes directing episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Justified. Don’t get us wrong. We love a multi-talented guy. We’re just happy Goldwyn’s back in front of the camera where he belongs and we can appreciate his hotness week after week. The fact that he’s playing the President of the United States only serves to make him more sexy. Power is intoxicating. Even fake TV power. It’s true.


Actor: Henry Ian Cusick
Scandal Character:  Stephen Finch, a defense attorney who works for Olivia
Scandal Assessment: He’s the bad boy who’s now trying to live life as a good guy. In the pilot, he got engaged, but with his ladies’ man past, just how long is that engagement going to last? He’s not afraid to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to get the job done for Olivia. While his personal life is a bit messy, his work life is anything but. He’s loyal and dependable. He’s someone you want fighting the good fight alongside you. The ABC character bio for Stephen Finch says something that alludes to what may be going down sooner rather than later: He’s “the guy you turn to in a crisis. The guy who can help lead you towards who you need to be. That’s a rare skill and it will serve the clients of the firm well. And it’s a skill that Olivia will rely upon heavily as her own scandal comes to light.” Wow. Can’t wait to see all this play out.
The Crush Factor: Hello, Henry Ian Cusick was the dashing Desmond Hume on Lost. We fell in love with him then. And now that he’s on Scandal, our crush isn’t stopping anytime soon. All we can say about this actor is that everything about him is dreamy. His looks, his accent, his walk. Yes, we’ve noticed. And so has Stephen Finch’s co-worker, Abby Whelan. It seems like she’s crushing on Stephen big time. We don’t blame her.


Actor: Columbus Short
Scandal Character: Harrison Wright
Scandal Assessment: Harrison is confident and charming, quite the combination. He helps usher the new girl, Quinn Perkins, into life at Olivia’s crisis management firm. He’s slick and can talk his way out of anything, but there’s definitely more to this guy. We know that every single person who works for Olivia has some sort of secret they’re hiding. We don’t know much about Harrison’s just yet, but we hope to find out soon. According to ABC: “Like a great salesman he can break you down and build you up before you’ve even had a chance to get a word in edgewise. That mouth can also get him into big trouble. And if Olivia hadn’t come along, he’d still be knee deep in it.” We’re intrigued.
The Crush Factor: Just look at him. He’s gorgeous. The man exudes strength and charm; he has a great personality and he’s simply stunning to look at. We’re looking forward to seeing what Short’s character is all about. So far, Harrison’s flashy and hides behind all this gladiator talk, but we can’t wait to see the depth to this character. But, for now, we’ll simply have to deal with the fact that he’s ridiculously sexy, he shares some nice chemistry with the firm’s newbie (played by actress Katie Lowes), and we’ll get to see just how good he is at his job.

Scandal airs Thursdays on ABC at 10/9c.

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