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Spring TV Crush: Magic City’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan 

Photo Credit: Starz Entertainment

Here’s our thought process on how it was decided we were going to watch Starz’ Magic City. “Oh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s in it? Sign us up.” Seriously, that’s how it all happened. Come on! It’s JDM…on a show that’s set in Miami…at a luxury hotel…around the late ’50s, a time of much turbulence and decadence. We already thought this actor was hot, but this new series is going to show everyone how cool he is, too. Needless to say, we’ve got a big time crush on Morgan. Starz is about to get a new subscriber. 

Photo Credit: Starz Entertainment

Actor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Magic City Role: Ike Evans
Magic City Assessment: According to Starz: “Ike Evans is the king of 1959 Miami Beach. Ike worked his way up from hotel cabana boy to building and owning the Miramar Playa Hotel, the most glamorous spot in America’s favorite playground. Creating his showplace has consumed Ike for years. Ike is a star, charismatic and convincing but beneath his easy charm and gracious manner lie secrets, buried deep.”
The Crush Factor: Ever since he played Big Daddy (John) Winchester on Supernatural, we’ve loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He played the oh so adorable (but doomed) Denny on Grey’s Anatomy back when we still watched Grey’s Anatomy. Then he became this big time movie actor starring in everything from Taking Woodstock to P.S. I Love You to Watchmen. Morgan is the epitome of ruggedly handsome. He has this amazing smile that we can’t enough of. We were happy so many people fell in lust love with this talented actor, that after a series of supporting guest star stints on TV (SPN, Grey’s & Showtime’s Weeds), he’s finally graduated to the lead. Oh and by the way, the Starz bio on JDM doesn’t even mention his work on Supernatural, which is a tad disappointing. But, we’ll forgive them since they managed to lure the sexy charmer back to the small screen where we hope he’ll be for a long, long time.

And a heads up: we have a feeling that after we watch the pilot, we might be adding some more actors to our Magic City Spring TV Crush. Just saying.

Magic City airs Fridays at 9/8c on Starz.

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