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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Supernatural “Party On, Garth” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Episode: “Party On, Garth”
Writer: Adam Glass

  • “Ladies.” “What do you want, Top Gun?” “For starters, I’d like a little respect.” “Sorry Officer, we didn’t realize.” “All is forgiven. Take a seat.”
  • “You’ve been Garth’d.”
  • “No, I heart you more.”
  • “No way, how is that possible? I Garth’d her!”
  • “Thanks for your help, Meg. What a bitch.” “So, Cas is the same then?” “Yeah, down to the drool.”
  • “Gentlemen, this is Corporal Brown.” “Corporal James Brown. I’m shipping off to the A.F. minaňa.”
  • “What, are you allergic to a suit?” “No. I just look good in a uniform.”
  • “Plus, it is it me? Or is this less evil spirit and more monster chow?”
  • “So, invisible ghost werewolf?”
  • “Hey. Either of you ever heard of Thighslapper Ale?” “Is that a stripper or a beverage?” “Beverage for douchebags.”
  • “He grows on you.”
  • “First a partner offs himself. Now two kids get ganked by unknown freakadeek.”
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW
  • “Wow, that’s actually awesome. Damn it. I’m not even mad anymore.”
  • “Wow, party on, Garth.” “I don’t even usually drink beer. It messes with my depth perception. Especially when I skinny-dip.”
  • “Garth, are you drunk?” “Dude, I just drank a whole beer. Of course I’m drunk.”
  • “No. Coffee for you, Tara Reid.” “Coffee with Kahlua in it?”
  • “I’m gonna take a run at her.” “A what?”
  • “Mr. Fizzles gonna go where the sun don’t shine.”
  • “Cause Mr. Fizzles can sense when you’re being a…LIAR.”
  • “You are strictly on wine coolers.” “Hey, I love those. Anything sweet.”
  • “God, I love paranoid people.”
  • “I mean, can you even get drunk anymore? It’s kind of like drinking a vitamin for you, right?” “Shut up.”
  • “So, he — he let that thing out of the box and it must have just followed him…to the place with all the thingies.” “Yes. Yes. That’s smart. I’m actually kind of drunk. What is this? Me likey.”
  • “National Security, please! Thank you ma’am. Sorry.”
  • “Yeah, I’m skunked.”
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW
  • “Where is it?” “Swing right. (Dean swings left) My right.”
  • “What’d I miss?”
  • “This moved. Bobby? Are you here? Come on, do something.”
  • “You sure you guys don’t want to hang out? Grab some brunch. Maybe some brews?”
  • “You’re right. He has grown on me.”
  • “I mean, who knows more about being a ghost than Bobby. Instant Swayze, right?”
  • “Okay, so your theory is we’re practically regular people about something for once. All right. Well, you want to grab some brunch and some brews?” “Ugh, no. I’m so hung over.”
  • “I’m right here you idjit! Balls!”

Supernatural returns with new episodes Friday April 20 at 9/8c on the CW.

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1 Comment

  1. Deanna

    One of my all time favorite quotes from Supernatural:
    “I don’t even usually drink beer. It messes with my depth perception. Especially when I skinny-dip.”

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