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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Michael Tells Nikita They’re Forever, Nikita, “Arising” 

Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW

I’m always intrigued when series stars tip a little insight their characters. Maggie Q recently talked Mikita with Zap2It, and she let this little nugget drop about Michael:

“You’re going to see him do the ‘guy thing’ where he does the right thing or does right by her, or puts her first in the big picture, or in the broad picture, but not really saying the thing that he needs to say to her for her to actually be at ease — guys always do that. Guys always go ‘But I did this, and you should know.’ And it’s like no, we wanna hear it.”

Call me crazy, but I think she downplayed the chat we got in “Arising,” because I think Michael did put it all on the table. He finally said out loud that he (still) loved her and wanted to spend the rest if his life with her…and his son.

While half of this was absolutely what Nikita wanted to hear, she had to put her own truth on the table that she’s not mother material for Max (or anyone else). I loved that her response to his “Why not?” was “Because it’s Friday….and my life is insane.” By episode’s end, Michael also has to sort out that he’s now had to forcibly remove himself from ever being Max’s father.

Call me greedy, but I’d been sort of disappointed that since Michael came back to Nikita, it didn’t feel like they had reunited. It felt like he had come back to work when he returned from London–there was still an understandable uneasiness between them and the relationship. had fallen away and wasn’t discussed. This isn’t that show, but I was hungry for some sort of acknowledgement of unfinished relationship business. And sooner than later.

So color me happy. Very happy to have Michael get personal with her, and articulate that he sees a future with her when all the spy games are done. I really loved that he told Cassandra Nikita meant as much to him as Max meant to her, that she was the thing he held onto when the world got crazy and things got tough and that he could never leave her.

Now, let’s commence with a smoking hot smoochy here and there, OKAY? Because, seriously, it’s been a while.

Nikita airs at 9 pm/7c on Fridays on the CW. You can catch “Arising” now at

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