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Mid-Season TV Crush: Bent’s David Walton 

Photo Credit: NBC

Warning: Slight spoilers discussed

Let me just start by saying I will watch anything Amanda Peet and Jeffrey Tambor decide to be associated with – TV shows, movies, short films, web series. I’m in. And I now I may have to expand that list to include David Walton. I haven’t watched any of his previous shows, but when he guested on Happy Endings last year I sat up and took notice.

Bent is a romantic comedy about Alex, a type-A lawyer, who can’t help being attracted to Pete, her charismatic contractor. She downsizes her life after her ex-husband is sent to jail for insider trading and decides to hire Pete to fix up her house (and maybe her life?). Sparks ensure. Add to the mix Alex’s kid, her wild younger sister, Screwsie, and Pete’s perpetually out-of-work actor father Walt.

Actor: Quarterlife and Perfect Couples’ David Walton
Bent Character: Pete, an easygoing, charming contractor with a few skeletons in his closet
Bent Assessment: I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. The leads are appealing and funny, the supporting cast is interesting, and the premise – while not exactly fresh – is one I can get excited about. David Walton seems perfectly cast as the charming blue collar guy to Amanda Peet’s type A lawyer. I can’t wait to see their chemistry in action.
The Crush Factor: You’ve seen him, right? So cute. I can always appreciate a tall, dark, and handsome man and David Walton fits all those descriptors so well. But more than that, he’s playing a character with heart. Yes, he’s made a few mistakes in his past (gambling, man whoring) – and will continue to make mistakes in his future – but he’s trying to turn his life around. And have I mentioned he’s a contractor? So he’s easy on the eyes and good with his hands? Sign me up.
Bent premieres tonight at 9/8 c on NBC.

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