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Moment of Goodness

Jeff and Britta Get Married…Sort Of and Other Moments of Goodness, Community “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” 

Photo Credit: NBC

It was a pleasure to see this episode for the first time during the 2012 PaleyFest and then two more times after that. I don’t get tired of creator Dan Harmon and his wacky cast of characters/actors talking about one of my favorite shows. I guess the wait was worth it because not only was the episode hilarious (as expected), but the show got some ratings love. 

There was so much goodness in “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts,” that I couldn’t single out just one moment of goodness. There were 3 moments I loved: The fake Jeff/Britta marriage, the de-whimsification of Troy and Abed, and Andre’s Boyz II Men inspired proposal to Shirley.

1. Shirley gets a Boyz II Men-like serenade during Andre’s proposal. First of all, I love a man who can dance. Second, I used to love Boyz II Men. Andre knows just what to do and how to ask to get his ex-wife to become his current wife again. My favorite line:

“Baby, I have loved you since there was a Soviet Union and only one Damon Wayans.”

It was such a sweet moment and it’s always a pleasure to see Malcolm Jamal Warner on the show. I love that Shirley’s got her romantic life in order. Now if she could only get her business idea off the ground…

2. Jeff and Britta. In front of a preacher. Promising things to each other.  I love that Jeff and Britta have nothing good to say about marriage behind Shirley’s back:

Britta: Weddings are like little girl’s tea parties except the women are the stuffed animals, the men are making them talk, and they’re not drinking tea. They’re drinking antiquated gender roles.

Jeff: Look, I can’t get behind this marriage thing either. It was invented back when ’til death meant ’til your first cold. I mean life’s too long to spend it with someone else.

Britta: It’s a sucker’s game.

Jeff: It’s a mutual cop out. I mean just nut up and die alone.

But they’re so happy for Shirley to her face. That’s the sign of a real friend! But things get real just before the rehearsal. Britta has discovered that not only is she from a long line of wives and mothers, but that she’s really good to planning someone else’s wedding. Jeff has turned to alcohol to help him write a good wedding toast, but because he doesn’t believe in marriage he can’t come up with anything to say. And when he admits that at the rehearsal, he and Britta end up saying vows to each other.

Britta: I promise to put your dreams before mine.

Jeff: I promise to bottle up my revulsion at the sight of your hair in the drain.

Britta: I promise to earn no more than 70 percent of what you would make at the same job.

Jeff: What about babies?

Britta: What about ’em?

Jeff: How many?

Britta: Pick a number dick. Like it’s up to me.

And while Shirley and Andre talk Britta and Jeff down, they realize they have what it makes to make their marriage work again. And instead of a rehearsal, they get married.

Photo Credit: NBC

3. Troy and Abed try to be normal.

Troy: I can’t believe Shirley. We should show up at this wedding and be the most normal people in the world.

Abed: Yeah. I could go as normal man and you can be my trusted sidekick Ordinario.

Troy: No. It’s already weird. We’re playing into her hand. We should just show up wearing boring gray suits with gray ties and gray shirts. We could die our hair gray and lay down on the sidewalk and be invisible… no, maybe Shirley’s got a point.

They decide on a 24 hour weirdness purge in the dreamatorium. And when they come out, they’re so normal it’s weird. I didn’t like it. Not one bit. They did look super cute in their gray suits though. The funniest part of the dewhimsification has to be when Andre thinks they (want to be) starting something with him at the rehearsal.

Abed: What? Shirley’s late to the rehearsal for her own wedding? Oh my.

Andre: Hey man. You don’t have to be sarcastic.

Abed: I’m not being sarcastic.

Troy: We’re heavily invested in your situation. Nothing’s more important to us than your second wedding’s rehearsal going smoothly.

Andrew: Walk away man.

I know I’m not the only who was relieved to see Troy and Abed revert to their strange, wonderful ways.

Community airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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