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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Dan rescues Nathan, One Tree Hill “Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will” 

Photo Credit: The CW

Only Dan Scott could achieve this kind of redemption as he guns down a bunch of goons in his quest to save his son from the most ineffective kidnappers of all time. Even though I’ve had some complaints with this storyline, I really like the idea of it. And there’s a lot that I’ve been enjoying about it, too:

  • It’s really showed how Nathan Scott has grown into such a solid person that’s significant to so many people.
  • Haley went for a walk on the wild side, showing how far she’d go for her man.
  • Lucas was able to briefly return, although I figured the appearance would have been a little more substantial than a couple minutes in an airport.
  • It has showcased exactly how awesomely badass Dan Scott can be. I get that he’s an ex-con whose behavior over the years has been criminal. I get that he’s not someone you can consider reliable or a role model, or even, at times, human. But, the way Paul Johansson plays him, he really is human. He’s flawed yet he’s not overwhelmingly irredeemable. He should be, but he’s not. Maybe he would be on any other show. I do give all the credit for that to Johansson.

In “Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will,” I was pretty much glued to the rescue Nathan portion of the episode. First, Dan enlisted Julian and Chris Keller to join his crew. We saw the drug dealer, who Dan pretty much tortured at the end of “Every Breath is a Bomb,” in the trunk of Dan’s car looking almost dead. Keyword: almost. I don’t know about you guys, but I found the whole bit with Julian and Chris wondering whether the dealer was dead, hilarious.

Something else that was hilarious were Dan’s one-liners. He had a bunch of them. And they were always biting and sarcastic and completely awesome. Then he would turn around and be all compassionate, like when he told Julian to go home because he had a family to think about. Chris Keller stepping up was cool, too. He was scared the entire time. He reminded everyone that he didn’t like being in this situation many, many times. But, he did his part.

Each member of this surprising trio — as well as Nathan — got their own hero moments. Chris Keller had to face a big bad thug. His solution was to jump in Dan’s car and ram into the guy’s legs pinning him to the building. There’s no way this guy survived. Julian knocked out the dirty cop that threatened Nathan. Nathan took out the main kidnapper — the one that talked in quotes or whatever gibberish he was spewing. That guy deserved what he got the most.

Dan experienced a few hero moments. He rescued Nathan from the chair. He got to shoot a number of goons as if he were in the middle of an action flick. And, most significantly, he took a bullet for his son. If Dan dies, what a way to go out. I don’t mind that the show tried their hardest to redeem this character. If he does die, Nathan can have some peace of mind that he had the opportunity to achieve some level of closure with his dad. If Dan Scott doesn’t survive, he’ll at least know he did everything he could to keep his family in tact. In the episode, he kept saying the words “my son” with such conviction. Over the years, this father-son relationship was bitter, manipulative and volatile. Dan was doing his best to rectify things but he couldn’t manage to get his act together. Going to the lengths he did to find his son will show everyone how much he loves Nathan. How great was it for Dan to hear these words coming from his son: “Dad, it’s good to see you.”

Yes, Dan taking the bullet was a bit predictable, but it was also such a great (and heartbreaking) moment. He saved his son from the kidnappers and he saved his son’s life. Nathan can now go home to Haley. Jamie and Lydia can come back to Tree Hill. This family will be reunited and, at least from the preview for the next episode, they will be together by Dan’s side at the hospital.

There are only three episodes left. One Tree Hill airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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