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Rewind & Repeat: Penny is Literally Cursed on Her Birthday, Happy Endings “Party of Six” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Penny cannot catch a break. All she wants to do is celebrate her 29th (31st!) birthday with her five best friends but as Max says many times throughout the night, “The curse of Penny’s birthday strikes again.” They can’t find a restaurant that they aren’t banned from or gave away in a break-up or where one of the waitstaff isn’t an ex of Dave’s. When they finally end up at Rosalita’s, which is where they eat every night anyway they think they’ve finally broken the curse. With one minute until midnight, an old woman literally curses Penny. She says some words no one understands and blows salt on the group (sans Jane and Brad, who are off having sex in the bathroom). The most hilarious moment of the night happens when it seems like they’ve switched bodies. It was so funny to see Penny and Max be each other. Now was Dave supposed to be Alex? Because it seemed like he was Penny. And Alex makes it real easy for us to know she’s Dave, since that’s what she says. Whatever. The scene was hilarious every time I watched it.

Happy Endings airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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