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The Fallout from Charlie’s Death, Breakout Kings “Round Two” 

Photo Credit: A&E
Photo Credit: A&E

Here’s the thing. If the powers that be behind Breakout Kings had to kill someone off, they picked the right character. Let me continue before some of you start screaming. At least for me, Charlie’s the one I’d be upset about most. He was the leader. He was the heart of the group. You cut out the heart of this task force and what are you left with? A team that’s floundering and trying to figure out its new identity. When a show resorts to killing off a major character, you want it to be the one whose death: a) makes the biggest impact; and b) drives story for episodes and seasons to come. In “Round Two,” the effects of Charlie’s death are immediately felt. Losing him leaves a monster-sized hole.

There’s a lot of drama associated with the loss of the leader. There’s the funeral — Ray wasn’t able to get the cons released so they could properly pay their respects to their boss. A newly re-badged Ray is forced to step up and replace Charlie as the head of the group. At first, he can’t even bring himself to move into Charlie’s old office. Right now, he certainly doesn’t have the same leadership skills as his predecessor. This is going to be a work in progress. One of Ray’s wiser decisions is to ask Erica to be his unofficial second. It makes sense. She can definitely be volatile, but that works to her advantage. She can handle herself with these violent criminals they are tasked with tracking down. She can also deal with all the different personalities of the group. Plus, in my opinion, Shea can’t totally be trusted yet. And Lloyd, while he has an awesome mind, he’s more of a loser not a fighter. I say that with much love because Lloyd’s an amazing character.

Photo Credit: A&E
Photo Credit: A&E

Each individual member of the team is silently or not-so-silently grieving. Ray decides to keep the grief counseling in house and has Lloyd do the honors. He tries to talk to everyone but they all have their walls up. They are reluctant to express their feelings. But I love that Lloyd finally takes it upon himself to tell everyone his thoughts and feelings. Nobody bothers to ask, so he shares. Good for him. There’s also a nice scene at the end of “Round Two,” where the team toasts Charlie.

So, what’s involved right now is a lot of figuring out the new dynamics of this task force. It’s going to be rough for a while. Plus, they have a little matter called Damien to contend with. We will see him again this season. How far will the group go to apprehend him? Everything’s just so raw right now. Not only for the team, but for me too. I was in tears almost the entire episode because I still can’t believe Charlie’s gone. I’m really surprised that I’m taking this character’s death so hard. Logically, I see why the show killed him off. Emotionally, I wonder why it had to be at the beginning of Season 2. I feel like the team was just hitting its stride. It would have been nice to see them gel a little bit more before taking him away. I think it’s also a matter of not knowing how much a character is part of the fabric of the show until he or she is gone. Charlie was one of my favorite characters on Breakout Kings (along with Lloyd and Julianne). But I didn’t know how much I enjoyed him until he was gone. Sucks to be me. In my last article, some of you said you would stop watching the show in the wake of Charlie’s death. If you tuned into “Round Two,” do you guys feel the same way? I’m definitely watching the next episode. I want to see what happens to Julianne and why she’s such a mess this season.

Breakout Kings airs Sunday at 10/9c on A&E.

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