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TV Goodness Reports: Memorable Moments + Scoops from Fox’s Bones Panel @ PaleyFest 2012 

Photo Credit: Kara Howland/TV Goodness

Deschanel, Boreanaz, and Conlin


We knew we were in for a special night the moment we heard we’d get to see the April 2nd episode of Bones. Well, we knew it before then but it was such a pleasant surprise to know the producers were sharing this episode with us. The Q&A that followed was a bit wild, but in a good way. We got some intel about a few upcoming episodes as well as inside information from the cast about their characters.The Moderator:’s Michael Ausiello

The Panel:

Hart Hanson, Creator/Executive Producer
Stephen Nathan, Executive Producer
Emily Deschanel, Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan
David Boreanaz, Special Agent Seeley Booth
T.J. Thyne, Dr. Jack Hodgins
Michaela Conlin, Angela Montenegro
John Francis Daley, Dr. Lance Sweets

What We Learned:

  • Hart and Stephen knew Booth and Brennan would sleep together after Vincent Nigel-Murray died, but beyond that they were trying to figure out “this dance.”
  • Hart and Stephen never thought about hiding Emily’s pregnancy.
  • This is still Bones. They’re still solving cases but the baby informs their lives in new ways now.
  • David says Booth and Brennan are a couple people want to see.
  • Michaela says Angela and Brennan talk about babies and boobs now instead of boys and sex.
  • Hart knows Angela’s real name but won’t say what it is. He feels like her dad may tell Hodgins, although T.J. Thyne wonders if her name will end up tattooed somewhere on Hodgins’ body.
  • T.J. Thyne says Hodgins went from a genius (or mad) scientist (you, know because of those anger management issues) to a passionate scientist.
  • Booth and Sweets in the field together just works. We’ll definitely see more of that.
  • Emily says Brennan might be open to marriage now, although Hart was very tricky and said if there’s a wedding it may happen by the end of the series.
  • There is a significance to “447,” and it looks like we’ll have to wait until the series finale to find out what it is. We’ll definitely keep seeing those numbers.
Photo Credit: Kara Howland/TV Goodness

Executive Producer Hart Hanson, Deschanel, Boreanaz, Conlin, Thyne, and Daley

Memorable Moments:

  • David brought doughnuts for the crowd. He was going to give them out at the beginning of the panel, but it was suggested that anyone who had a good question during the Q&A would be rewarded.
  • It was so much fun to hear David and Emily answer some questions in character.
  • Even though the show hasn’t been renewed yet, Hart and Stephen can see having two more seasons.

Spoiler Section (for upcoming episodes)

  • The title of the April 2nd episode is “The Prisoner in the Pipe.” Guest stars include Jessica Tuck and Pruitt Taylor Vince. Brennan has her baby in a very unexpected location  and something so shocking happens between Booth and Sweets that I almost couldn’t believe it.
  • There’s a meta episode coming up. The producers wanted Brennan and Booth to meet their dopplegangers. One of Brennan’s books is being made into a film so they have a chance to go to Hollywood. Booth’s “cocky “belt buckle is now a “kooky” belt buckle. There is a Hodgins and there is a Cam, but not in the way you’d expect.

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