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Top 5 Moments from the Season 3 Finale of Parenthood “My Brother’s Wedding” 

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more, and I smiled until my face hurt. There are so many things this show does absolutely right and I appreciated every moment of the season 3 finale of Parenthood. I don’t want to talk about everything that happened – you were there, you saw it all, you felt it all – but I do want to talk about my favorite moments and what made them so special.

5. Crosby and Jasmine Get Married. Even though I was a little surprised by Jasmine’s proposal in “Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You” I feel like her and Crosby’s entire relationship has been building to this point. I think I read somewhere that Jason Katims is looking forward to seeing them during their first year of marriage, but let’s savor this moment. My mom can double the number of guests at my wedding any day if she can get a choir like that for me. To see the Crosby and Jasmine’s family finally come together for this celebration was really special.

4. Adam and Crosby Throw Down. Hands down, the funniest moment of the episode was seeing Adam and Crosby go at it. I love that they got into it in front of their entire family and I love it even more that their argument devolved into an actual physical fight. And maybe this fight played a part – however big or small – in making Adam realize he wants to be in business with his brother after all. That money would have solved his financial problems, but I’m happy to see Adam once again embracing the importance of his family. p.s. Loved his toast at the wedding, even though it started off kind of rough.

3. Amber Picks Her Job Over A Guy. I’m so proud of her. Amber listens to her heart way more than her head and it tends to get her in a lot of trouble. I like that she chose her career over her heart this time. Since she didn’t get into college, she’s been struggling and it’s been hard to watch. But I loved it when Kristina gave Amber the opportunity  to work with her and learn the ropes and it’s been so nice to see Amber excell at something. I know she’ll find the right guy eventually.

2. Mark and Sarah Break Up Then Make Up. Even though I sobbed like a fool, I understood why Sarah thought she had to break up with Mark. She didn’t want to deprive him of the experience of being a parent and even though she’d been on board with the whole baby thing, upon deeper reflection Sarah didn’t think it was right for her. So she was cruel to be kind. When Mark showed up at the wedding and talked about the proper order of things, I knew what was coming. The only thing that would’ve made it better? If he had gotten down on one knee.

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

1. Julia and Joel Welcome a New Child Into Their Home. I did not think they’d be remotely ready to jump back into the proverbial ring on this. They handled the whole Zoe thing so well. I get why they handled it the way they did – they’re so much classier than I am – and I’m glad they didn’t take too much time to grieve. Because they opened their hearts and their minds they were able to welcome another little boy into their lives. I thought it would be a baby, but I like that it wasn’t. Watching them with him was such a treat. They are going to love that little boy so much.

Random Observation: How perfect was Derek Phillips as Crosby’s best man Billy? His outrageous behavior at the wedding was the perfect set up for the Mark and Sarah reunion.

Here’s hoping this excellent show gets another season to tell the story of this crazy family I’ve come to know so well.

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