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The Exodus is a Ghost Ship, The River “Peaches” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mario Perez

With every passing day of this “rescue” mission into the Amazon, I get more and more worried about the crew of the Magus. Not only do they have to worry about local lore and legend, but things are tense on the ship too. Jahel thinks people are scared of her, but I think it’s more accurate to say they’re scared of what she knows. Whenever she opens her mouth, things are about to get weird and complicated. While Kurt is on board as hired security, we know he’s much more interested in “the source.” I think (I hope, actually) that his objectivity is breaking down just a little and that he’s starting to care about this crew because I know I do. And why not throw a potential love triangle into the mix? We know Lena and Lincoln have history, but so do Lena and Jonas. 

Lena does a good job of holding her emotions in check most of the time, but sometimes she does feel the need to remind people that they’re looking for her dad too. She knows Emmet’s the reason for the search party, but it would be nice for people to remember he’s not the only one missing. After being run aground and calling mayday for 12 hours, it’s a relief when the Exodus shows up (again). The crew of the Exodus have a completely believable excuse for being on that part of the river and everyone on the Magus is just glad they’re getting the part they need to fix their boat. As the night goes on and a few people get drunk, it becomes clear that the crew from the Exodus aren’t there to rescue them. Kurt is the first to become suspicious and overhears a plan to kidnap and maybe even kill some people from the Magus. When Kurt shoots Patrick, the captain of the Exodus, I know I was hoping he’d stay down. But that look he gave Kurt right before Kurt started shooting made me pretty sure I’d be wrong. Kurt ends up in the hold of the other boat, along with Lena’s missing dad Russ as well as Lena herself and Jonas.

We’re not sure how long the Exodus has been haunting the river, but we do know that in order for the ghosts to get off their ship they have to find replacements. I wasn’t keeping track of the numbers so I didn’t realize that Russ was already dead until he told Lena. What a heartbreaking scene. Lena was so happy to have found her dad and she wasn’t about to leave him behind on that ship. But the decision isn’t hers to make and Karl sets fire to the boat so the crew of the Exodus doesn’t have the chance to haunt and kill anyone else.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mario Perez

Guest Star Goodness

I’ve got to single out Lee Tergesen and Don McManus for their great work here. After his work on Oz, Lee Tergesen will always be someone I’m excited to see on the small screen. Here, it’s nice to see him make peace with the life and daughter he left behind as well as give the Magus crew some much needed intel on Emmet. And Don McManus is always so good at playing bad. I love him in this type of role most, but it’s nice to see him in anything. Great job. Great casting.

The River airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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