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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Castle “Once Upon a Crime” 

It seems like the world of entertainment can’t get enough of fairy tales these days. Sunday nights on ABC, Once Upon a Time keeps us entertained and captivated — especially the tumultuous story between Snow White and Prince Charming as well as their Storybrooke counterparts, David and Mary Margaret. Two upcoming movies focus on Snow and her battle against the Evil Queen: Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. Plus, there are currently two Beauty and the Beast-type pilots vying for a spot on the 2012 – 2013 TV schedule. Well, it’s Castle’s turn to get into the fairy tale game with an episode called “Once Upon a Crime.” Thing is, there aren’t any happy endings for anyone involved (except our regular cast of characters, of course). Someone has murdered two women and dressed them up to look like Red Riding Hood and Snow White, complete with claw marks (Red) and a poison apple (Snow). A third, dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, is targeted but she survives her “attack.” As the case develops, it’s revealed the three women are all connected in a very I Know What You Did Last Summer kind of way. Meaning, they accidentally killed a guy and covered it up for years. The former friends didn’t even talk to each other until a picture surfaced tying them to the deceased. Four guest stars helped bring this quirky case to life:

Sarah Jane Morris

The Role: Leslie Morgan
Castle Assessment: Leslie’s the sister of Amy Morgan, the murder victim that was dressed up as Red Riding Hood. She’s also the wife of Darren. Poor Leslie, her life pretty much falls apart in this episode. She finds out her sister was murdered and that her husband blackmailed her before she died. And even though her hubby didn’t do the killing deed, those blackmail charges are going to stick. Yeah, no happy ending for Leslie at all.
The Actress: Over the last few years, Sarah Jane Morris has been part of two projects that have made my DVR lineup. First up, she played Balthazar Getty’s wife on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. That is, until his character cheated on her. And she played Michael Weatherly’s love interest, Special Agent EJ Barrett on NCIS. That is, until circumstances involving secrets, a chip and an assassination attempt drove them apart. EJ and Tony Dinozzo were finally able to gain some closure in a recent episode. And it looks like she’s part of USA Network’s upcoming new show, Common Law. All that plus she got to briefly play Taylor Kinney’s wife on Castle? Lucky lady! Speaking of Taylor…

Taylor Kinney

The Role: Darren Thomas
Castle Assessment: Oh Darren. It was easy to think he was the one that murdered the two women and attacked the third.  He was the guy that blackmailed them for a very specific amount: $50,605. It turned out those numbers were the exact day his brother, Owen, died. He found out those women were connected to his death. In the end, he was guilty of blackmail but innocent of murder. However, something tells me Darren’s marriage is over anyway.
The Actor: What hasn’t Taylor Kinney been a part of lately? He’s covering all his bases. On network TV earlier this season, he returned to The Vampire Diaries to play the ghost of his werewolf character, Mason Lockwood. In the process he got to rough up Damon Salvatore a little bit and that’s always fun. On premium cable, he guest-starred on a couple of episodes of the twisted family comedy/drama, Shameless. And on the internet, he recently was part of a fantastic web series called Dating Rules from my Future Self. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you seriously need to. If you like cute TV, this is about as cute as it gets. And Taylor is a positively dreamy presence. Trust me, you’ll love it. And finally, word has it he picked up a pilot called Chicago Fire. Let’s hope NBC greenlights it because I definitely want to see Kinney play a firefighter. Instant hotness right there.

Jason Thompson

The Role: Noah Curtis
Castle Assessment: Noah Curtis was the husband of Kristina, the Snow White victim. It was good to see Jason Thompson, although he was only in one scene. Ryan and Esposito questioned his character about his wife and her actions before she died. He inadvertently provides them with a connection when he reveals his wife was supposed to have lunch with him on Friday at 1pm but she missed it. Both Amy and Kristina were unaccounted for at that same time.
The Actor: Thompson currently plays Dr. Patrick Drake on ABC’s only daytime soap left (boo!), General Hospital. Right now Patrick’s reeling from his wife’s death. Robin died in a lab explosion.

Meghan Markle

The Role: Charlotte Boyd
Castle Assessment: Even though Beckett and Castle nab Darren for the blackmail, it turns out he isn’t the murderer — Charlotte is. She’s the one that drove the car that fateful night. She’s the one that hit Owen causing them to leave him for dead. When the picture connecting the three girls to Owen resurfaced, and the blackmail was paid, she killed her former friends to insure their silence. And to get the cops off her scent, she drugged herself and dressed herself up like Sleeping Beauty. I love how Rick figured it all out from the bow on her costume. It wasn’t tied the same way they were tied on Red and Snow. It was clear she had to tie her own bow. That Castle sure is clever.
The Actress: Meghan’s done a couple of 90210 and Fringe episodes and appeared in the blockbuster film, Horrible Bosses. Currently, she has a role on one of my favorite shows, USA Network’s Suits. She plays Rachel Zane, the paralegal who’s smart enough to be a lawyer but isn’t skilled at taking tests so she has yet to pass the Bar. She’s also in a bit of a triangle with Mike Ross and his former best friend’s girl, Jenny. I highly recommend you guys discover Suits. The show returns for a second season this summer so you still have time to get with the program and watch Season One.

“Once Upon a Crime” was very case heavy, not a lot of digging into Beckett and Castle’s issues. Although, there was an interesting exchange. It happened after Rick and Kate witnessed Leslie confronting Darren over his blackmailing her sister:

Rick: Murder does more damage to the living than the dead.
Kate: Yeah, all because of a terrible secret.
Rick: Well, secrets are like time bombs.
Kate: Yeah, eventually, they explode.

If anyone knows anything about secrets it’s Beckett and Castle. They’re keeping two big ones from each other. They clearly know the effects of keeping them. Maybe this means one or both of those secrets will come out soon. Let’s hope it’s Kate’s secret first. A couple of other things I loved in this episode: Beckett saying she’ll protect Castle from the big bad wolf that is his mother and her one-woman show that exaggerates their life together. And that little hand-holding action that closed out the episode? More of that please.

airs Mondays on ABC at 10/9c.

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