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We Need to Know: Why Didn’t the Martins Figure Out They Were Dealing With Katherine on The Vampire Diaries? 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

There were so many great things about last night’s episode and a lot of surprises. One of the biggest surprises were the deaths of both Jonas and Luka. It would have been so nice if Bonnie had been able to salvage a relationship with them. There is so much she has to learn (and doesn’t know) and I think they would have been great teachers and mentors. I mean, there would have been a lot to overcome: the distrust, the lies, the powers-stealing. But I think they could have gotten there. Leave it to Damon and Katherine to get rid of their little warlock problem. But I have a question: Why didn’t the Martins figure out they were dealing with Katherine instead of Elena?

Photo credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

When Jonas and Luka combine their powers to send Luka in search of Elijah, they get more than they bargain for. First, how cool is it that they can do that? Can you imagine being able to go anywhere and do anything and no one can see you? I want that power. But I digress. The Martins need Elijah to help get Greta back, so they aren’t happy when they hear he’s dead. As Luka searches the house for Elijah both Damon and Katherine seem to sense his presence. When Katherine’s in the basement getting some food, she notices the dagger moving. Can you imagine if Luka had managed to remove it? I would have loved to see a very pissed and very Elijah take some revenge. Katherine has to use all her strength to keep the dagger in place. Jonas knows something’s going on and Luka admits “Elena” is stronger then him. I know things escalate very quickly from there but why didn’t Luka or Jonas even suspect “Elena” was Katherine? I’m assuming no human can match their strength so it would have been nice to see a seed of doubt planted.

After Luka dies, Jonas is determined to find Elena and he won’t let anyone or anything get in his way. In fact, Matt almost pays the ultimate price when he comes to Caroline’s rescue. Back at the Gilbert’s house Katherine gets Jonas alone and attacks him. Even though that was never part of the plan, I don’t think any of us are surprised by Katherine’s actions. I am glad Jonas is able to revive himself long enough to return Bonnie’s powers to her but that only brings up more questions for me. If he was strong enough to grab Bonnie and transfer her powers back (as well as whatever information he gave her about killing Klaus), why couldn’t he heal himself? Why doesn’t he take revenge on Katherine for tricking him and contributing to the death of his son? I wasn’t really ready for this to be our last encouter with the Martins, especially since Jonas seemed powerful enough to overcome something like a little bite in the neck. In an otherwise stellar hour, that was a disappointment to me.

Am I wrong? What did you think?

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