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Torn Over the Juliet/Mr. Carpenter Twists: Ringer “Whores Don’t Make That Much” 

Photo Credit: Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

Consider me torn over Ringer‘s recent reveal of the whole Mr. Carpenter/Juliet scheming and backstabbing situation. Part of me loved it because I didn’t see a lot of it coming. Part of me hates the fact I love it so much. Part of me struggles with how this all fits into the show. I’ll explain. But first, a recap of the storyline:

  • Juliet starts at a new school. Mr Carpenter is her sympathetic teacher.
  • Juliet develops an inappropriate crush on her teacher and proceeds to get all flirty with him every chance she can get.
  • At first, Mr. Carpenter seems like the type of guy who can stay strong and not give in to temptation. But then all of a sudden, Juliet’s telling her friend that Mr. Carpenter raped her.
  • Juliet doesn’t want to come clean but she tells Bridget/Siobhan and it comes out in embarrassing fashion at a party “Siobhan” helps throw to benefit Juliet’s new school.
  • Juliet’s rape case quickly comes to trial after another student, Tess, admits Mr. Carpenter also raped her.
  • Juliet’s mom, Catherine, shows up and doesn’t help the situation one bit. She makes her daughter feel like she can never do anything right.
  • After Juliet testifies (off camera), she runs into a distraught Tess in the bathroom. She admits Mr. Carpenter didn’t rape her. She just accused him of sexual assault because she wanted to hurt him after he took Juliet’s side in an argument and not hers.
  • Juliet’s friend overhears and tells everyone. The charges are dropped.
  • Mr. Carpenter sues for defamation of his character and Andrew settles with the man for 10 million dollars.
  • TWIST #1: It turns out Tess, Juliet and Mr. Carpenter are all in cahoots to squeezing a cool 10 mil out of her dad.
  • After Tess shows up at school in a new 50,000 dollar SUV, she admits that she keeps her part of the settlement (3 mil or so) under her bed. She’s a foster kid and it would be hella suspect if she put her money in the bank.
  • Juliet discreetly meets Mr. Carpenter and fills him in on what Tess is up to. He says he’ll take care of it. Next thing we know Tess has been beat up within an inch of her life (so much so she has to placed under a medically-induced coma) and her under-the-bed money is gone. Of course, no one is aware that something was taken from her room because her foster mom had no idea the money was there in the first place.
  • Juliet accuses Mr. Carpenter of violently taking care of the situation.
  • TWIST #2: Then we find out there’s a fourth player in the whole situation. Catherine planned the entire thing. She’s the puppet master and Tess/Juliet/Mr. Carpenter were simply the marionettes. Andrew’s first wife is a psychopath and not the newly sober woman she’s presenting to him. She pleads with Andrew to let Juliet move to Miami with her. And now we know it’s so they can live off the millions they stole from him.
Photo Credit: Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

What I loved:

  • The reveals. Like I said earlier, I didn’t see all this coming. The show has kept me guessing as to what was going on and who was working together. I knew Catherine was a raging beyatch but this is above and beyond a woman scorned. She’s into criminal activities of the white collar and the brutal kind. Yes, I’m assuming she’s the one that actually did take care of the Tess situation. I like when a show surprises me. Ringer did.
  • Also, Juliet is showing flashes of regret over what she’s done. I hope that’s real. Her dad has been so understanding. So has this new “Siobhan.” What she’s doing to them is abhorrent. But, it has provided some twisty goodness as well.

Why I’m torn:

  • I don’t like when anyone cries rape or uses rape as a revenge or blackmail tool even on a TV show. It’s just awful. But that’s a me thing.
  • I wish Jason Dohring wasn’t involved in this storyline. He can be so deliciously shady and vulnerable at the same time — he always gives us layered performances. Here, he hasn’t had the chance to do that yet. His character is clearly caught up in something that’s much bigger than him. Not sure if there’s going to be much else he’ll get to do.
  • I was really enjoying Juliet and Bridget/Siobhan’s strengthening relationship. I know that Juliet’s always known this cold, unfeeling stepmom that has been at her father’s side. But, since Bridget’s taken Siobhan’s place, they’ve grown closer. This story isn’t over and I’m hoping Bridget will figure out a way to get Juliet out of this but, for now, I hate that Juliet let herself get into this dire predicament.
  • This whole season, I kept thinking I don’t understand how this storyline fits into the show. For me, it’s been all about Bridget taking over this life and trying to figure it all out and not drown under all the things that could go wrong. And it has been about Siobhan trying to do whatever she’s doing. It all seems to involve getting back at what her sister let happen back in the day. It’s been a somewhat convoluted ride, but a ride that I don’t mind taking. Ever since this Juliet story came along, I haven’t been able to connect the dots. I imagine the purpose of this storyline will become more clear as the season winds down but, so far, it feels like it doesn’t belong. I hope we’ll get to the point where it all clicks and we don’t have to wonder anymore.

So, I’m clearly struggling with things more than I’m loving it. But I’m still willing to stick with it and see which way this craziness veers next. Ringer airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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