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Moment of Goodness

Twisty Goodness: Castle “Linchpin” 

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

“Linchpin” was yet another intense episode of Castle. My eyes were glued to the TV. I didn’t take notes. I didn’t tweet. I didn’t post any great quotes (although Kara posted a great one, check it out). I was hooked for the entire hour. While the whole “end of this country as we know it angle” seemed over the top even for Castle, I really enjoyed this two-parter. In “Linchpin,” there were actually three twists that made me happy: Twist #1: Thomas Gage wasn’t a bad guy.
Why This Makes Me Happy: I really enjoyed how badass Gage was last week and even then I had had my doubts about him being the big bad. I thought maybe he was a foot soldier but I should have known he wasn’t the villain at all. He was being set up. I agree with what he told Beckett and Castle. If he was the bad guy they were looking for they’d be dead. And they weren’t when he so easily could have taken them out. Plus, they were hardcore about nailing him too early in the game for him to be the ultimate villain. The fact he was killed off wasn’t a shocker, however. There’s no way he would have been allowed to live. It’s just sad because he was innocent and someone played God with his life and he lost. He was found in the CIA interrogation room with a bullet in his head. Poor guy.

Twist #2: Sophia knows about Rick’s father.
Why This Makes Me Happy: I’ve been waiting a long time for some kind of news about Castle’s dad. We know he’s never played a factor in Rick’s life. Castle has never known his identity. In “Linchpin,” we had just found out Sophia was the big bad when she slipped his father into the conversation:

Sophia: “Your father will be very proud.”
Castle: “My father?”
Sophia:”Well, you don’t think you gained special access to the CIA back then because of your charm.”
Castle:”You really don’t know, do you? I guess you never will.”

This whole conversation was quite unexpected in such a good way. So, we finally have a major clue about Castle’s dad. It’s not surprising that he’s possibly CIA because even though Rick’s a writer, his investigative and deductive reasoning skills are excellent. Up until now, I think Castle hasn’t really thought of his dad. He certainly didn’t need one. He grew up to be an amazing guy courtesy of Martha. He grew up even more courtesy of Alexis.

I do wonder what it would be like if Rick ever met his real dad, however. I hope we learn exactly what would happen sooner rather than later. Beckett’s had an extensive storyline involving her mother’s murder. I would love to see the mystery of Castle’s dad explored. I think Sophia bringing it up is going to get Rick to start thinking about his father more and more. As the CIA agent said, Rick likes to know the whole story. His story will remain incomplete as long as he doesn’t know who his dad is. He’d probably be content if he never knew but I think extreme curiosity will get to him. Beckett thinks that Sophia told a lot of lies (which is true) but Castle may not let this rest now that he knows his dad allegedly had ties to the CIA.

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

Twist #3: Rick explains the true inspiration for Clara Strike.
Why This Makes Me Happy: For me, everything begins and ends with Beckett and Castle. I didn’t mind the easy chemistry Rick had with Sophia. I liked that it made Kate a little jealous. I was hoping it would spur Kate into action. I was hoping she would have at the very least admitted she heard Castle’s declaration of love from the day she was shot. But that didn’t happen. Kate had issues that she wasn’t Rick’s first muse. Well, she may not have been his first but she certainly is the best:

Beckett: “Must be tough. Finding out that she is a traitor. Especially after you based Clara Strike on her and all.”
Castle: “Hmm…well…Clara started off as Sophia, but…she ended up being more like you. You know…smart, fierce, kind. I think that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to you — as a muse.

I love how he added on the “as a muse” to cover what he really feels for Kate. But, as far as I’m concerned, he could have left those three words off. I’m including this as a twist because I really didn’t expect him to say that. I figured he’d had his time with Sophia and he enjoyed it but then it was over. Now he’s having an even better time with Kate. It is like that. But, on top of that, he thought so highly of Kate, he saw her in Clara Strike. She ceased to be Sophia. Awesome.

However, there was a conversation that worried me. It was the one that went down between Kate and Sophia. They were talking about when Sophia and Castle were working side by side. The CIA agent talked about how there was this “intense attraction” and all this great tension between them. After months of fighting it, they finally gave in and it turns out the tension was all they had. That’s a conversation Kate needs to forget about right away. Just saying.

Castle airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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