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Fusco’s Ready to Go Down for Doing Good, Person of Interest “Blue Code” 

Photo Credit: CBS

I know the only reason Fusco’s part of the team is because he used to be a dirty cop. Before Finch and Reese recruited Carter to be part of the team, they needed a friend on the force. And it made perfect sense for Lionel to be that friend. Reese could count on Fusco to help him no matter what because he had something to hold over him. But as Fusco continues to work with Finch and Reese, a funny thing has happened. He actually likes being a good guy, he likes doing the right thing. So when there’s a chance he’ll die at the hands of a dirtier cop than even he used to be, I got a little emotional. I know Finch didn’t think they’d be able to save both Daniel Tully and Fusco, but I’m glad he did. Really glad.

Even though I don’t like how Reese is using Fusco to investigate Finch, he’s such a valuable part of this team. After taking a bullet in the butt in “Wolf and Cub” and receiving a commendation for it, Fusco’s feeling pretty good about himself. But when he gets caught in One Police Plaza, we know it’s not going to end well for him. And the fact that an Internal Affairs officer is the leak means HR has deep roots in the NYPD. The IAB cop should be arresting Fusco but it turns out he’s the dirty cop who wanted the information Fusco just shredded. He takes him out the woods to finish him off, but Fusco doesn’t seem to be sweating it.

“You think you’re the first person to put a gun to my head?”

“No but I will be the last.”

I kind of love that Fusco’s willing to die for doing the right thing. He’s tired of being known for being a dirty cop and it seems like he wants to make a real effort to go the straight and narrow. But when Reese saves him – almost at what seems like the last possible second – he tells Fusco he’s got to stay dirty. They need to know more about HR and Fusco’s got to be their inside man. It’s cold comfort, but at least Fusco knows he’s still doing the right thing.

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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