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We Need to Know: Who Is Person of Interest’s Harold Finch? 

Photo Credit: CBS

The more we learn about Finch the less we know.

Finch is not comfortable having people know much about him but until “Wolf and Cub,” we had no idea how long he’s been hiding his true identity. And, at this rate it will be years before Fusco or Reese can discover that. What do we know? Finch has so many aliases, Fusco had trouble tracking him prior to 1976. Before he was Harold Finch his last known alias was Harold Wren and he worked as an insurance underwriter. Before that, he was an MIT student at the top of his class. There he met his former business partner Nathan Ingram and they graduated in the same class. Finch spends so much time being someone else even Fusco’s not sure Finch knows who he is anymore. But Reese knows Finch thinks only “the paranoid survive.”

The computer sees what Reese and Fusco are doing, so I think we can assume Finch now knows about Reese surveiling him – or he will soon. I can’t imagine he’ll be happy about this. But does Finch really think he’s the only one allowed to know everything about everyone? I don’t like that Reese is going behind his back, but I think Reese does have the right to know more about Finch than he was willing to share.

Photo Credit: CBS

But maybe more than keeping his identity a secret, Finch is interested in keeping The Machine a secret. Just how far is Finch willing to go to make sure his “nephew” Will Ingram doesn’t discover the truth? We get an idea when we see Will trying to get some information out of him about that champagne cork. His father saved it, so Will figures it has to have some meaning. It’s kind of fascinating to watch Finch act so uninterested in the information Will finds. And, of course, Finch falls back on his spy game ways to learn just what Will’s up to. I thought there was a chance Finch would show himself when Will met Alicia Corwin in the park (although now it makes even more sense why he didn’t). I really thought she’d say something but she’s so paranoid and scared that she lies. I mean, she lives in the one place in this country with no cell phones or wireless internet. That’s pretty hardcore. It makes me think whatever happened to the elder Ingram was so horrible that when we find out how he died, it’s going to be a whopper. But when we discover that, I think we’ll also finally know how Finch was disabled. That’s, of course, assuming they were together when Ingram was killed. And did you see how Alicia reacted when Will mentioned his “uncle” Harold? She got so spooked and had to leave immediately. So intriguing.

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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