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Rewind and Repeat: Morgan…In a Towel…In Garcia’s Apartment, Criminal Minds “Snake Eyes” 

Photo Credit: Greg St. Johns/CBS

Yes, former Superman Dean Cain starred in the latest Criminal Minds as a gambling addict/murderer. It was good to see him. But there was a rewind & repeat moment that I need to talk about more. It has to do with a certain scene that featured Morgan and Garcia. You know the one. Garcia was nursing quite the hangover. J.J. called to tell her they had a case. Penelope let it be known that she had had a fight with her boyfriend, Kevin, the previous night and ended up hitting the bottle in a big and bad way. Needless to say, girlfriend was confused and the water from the shower could be heard. That was Kevin, right? I don’t think so. There was a knock at the door and right outside waiting for her was her boyfriend apologizing for storming out last night. That means the guy in the shower was someone else. It was none other than Derek simply wearing (beautifully, I might add) a towel. And he was acting all nonchalant:

Photo Credit: Greg St. Johns/CBS

Derek: “Hey. You see we gotta go in, right?”
Garcia: “Yes…yes…uh J.J. just called me too. Let’s go. (she starts picking up clothes to change into) I think…this is mine. This is mine. This is yours. This is mine. See you there! (rushes out the door to Kevin) Hey let’s go!”

Hilariously awkward situation between Garcia and Morgan, if you ask me. Penelope was thinking something forbidden might have happened between them and she just didn’t remember. I don’t blame her. The guy is acting all comfortable. Add that to the massive amounts of alcohol consumed the previous night and I probably wouldn’t be able to recall the details either. The rest of the episode Garcia was just weird with Morgan. He knew something was up but didn’t know what it was. She wasn’t being her usual sassy self with him. At the end of the hour, Derek had had enough of this bizarre behavior:

Derek: “All right, Miss Thing. Enough is enough. It’s time for you and me to have a little sit down. What’s going on with you?  Half the time I call, I get your voice mail. When I do get you I don’t even get a little bit of sass comin’ my way. Now what’s the deal? Hello?”
Garcia: OK. Look…I get it that men and women are different. And Venus and Mars and all that stuff. But I do not understand how…”
Derek: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, pump your brakes. What is this about?”
Garcia: “You were in my shower at seven in the morning.”
Derek: “Because I shower at seven in the morning. Baby, you had a little too much to drink the other night. You called me to come over and keep you company.”
Garcia: “I know. I remember that but…”
Derek: “OK, what happened between us was popcorn. And a movie on TV…which you fell asleep in the middle of, by the way.”
Garcia: “So you slept on the…”
Derek: “Couch.”
Garcia: “Yes, you did. Well, thank you. Oh, thank you, God, for maintaining the integrity of my most beloved of friendships and from now on I promise only mostly the purist of mineral water will cross these lips.”

Derek was all understanding and told Garcia she had a great guy. This final scene was pretty awesome. Love the way it ended on Derek questioning Kevin’s nickname for Garcia: “Plumsauce.” I kind of question it too, I’m not going to lie. Regardless, all this goodness wouldn’t have happened without the shallow scene at the beginning of “Snake Eyes.” I really enjoy the Morgan/Garcia friendship and, even more than that, I really enjoy any situation that gets a shirtless Shemar Moore to make an appearance. Just saying. As soon as that first towel scene was over, I immediately hit rewind and watched again (and then maybe a few more times after that). Do you blame me?

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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