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BITE-Worthy Moment: Elena and Stefan on the Porch, The Vampire Diaries “Dangerous Liaisons” 

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

I’ve been a Stefan/Elena fan from the beginning, although lately I have found my loyalties divided. A big part of me thinks Stefan and Elena are my OTP; I think they’ve got what it takes to make it in the long run. So if she’s with Damon when she and Stefan are on a break, is it really that bad? I know Damon and Elena aren’t really together, but I am enjoying their tension-filled interactions. I do, however, agree that Damon’s getting a bit too protective of Elena – even controlling – and I understand why she enlisted Stefan’s help to see Esther. I also understand why Damon might see that as a betrayal. And Damon actually said he loved Elena. He actually said it to her. That was huge and Elena did not handle it very well. I will admit that I don’t really like seeing Damon follow her around like a love-sick puppy so I kind of like it when he’s off the rails. It’s just Damon being Damon.

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

So with Damon off getting drunk and getting busy with Rebekah, it’s left to Stefan to see Elena home safely even though it’s not his job to protect her anymore.

“So, uh, where’s Damon? I would think he’d want to make sure you got home safely.”

“I’ll call him and let him know.”

“What was with him going after Kol?”

“Damon being self-destructive. I said something I didn’t mean.”

“So did I.”

It seems like Elena’s going to let that go, but she catches the door just as it’s about to close. My favorite moment of the night happens on the porch (so many great – and not so great - things have happened on that porch), when Elena and Stefan have a little heart to heart.

Elena wants to know how Stefan can act like he doesn’t care, like he doesn’t feel anything because she can’t do that. She tells him she feels everything. Stefan tears up and tells Elena to stop. He doesn’t want to be this person.

“I hurt you Elena. I bit you. I hate myself for what I did to you.”

“Then show it.”

I thought she got through to him, especially after he grabbed her arms and I’ll tell you now I wanted them to kiss. But, no. He just can’t let it all back in.

“If I let myself care all I feel is pain.”

I love this show.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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