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Mid-Season TV Crush: The Men of NBC’s Smash 

Whether you’ve already watched the pilot online (like I have) or have been patiently waiting to watch the spectacle on your TV screen, I think you’ll agree that there is some nice eye candy to be had. I’m very happy to be making room for this in my TV viewing schedule. While some people may think this is a grownup version of Glee, that’s so far from the truth. I’m already a fan of Broadway and musicals but you don’t have to like either to enjoy this show – it helps, but it’s certainly not mandatory. I love the behind-the-scenes feel of this show. I like peering behind the curtain to see what makes things work, so I’m enjoying the education I’m getting on what it takes to bring a musical – or really any production – to the stage. Whether you root for the ingenue or the Broadway veteran to win the role of Marilyn, it’s exciting to see them both fight for it. And what goes on in the life of the composer, director, and financial backer? You’ll find out. One thing you can count on: it’s never boring.

Photo Credit: NBC

Actor: Jack Davenport of FlashForward and Swingtown
Smash Character: Brilliant Broadway director/choreographer and playboy Derek Willis
Smash Assessment: He’s got immense talent and he knows it. Derek can be hard to work with because he’ll settle for nothing less than perfection. He also thinks he’s entitled to sleep with any female who catches his fancy. There’s no love lost between Derek and composer Tom Levitt, but they need to find a way to work together to make this project successful.
The Crush Factor: He’s a classic bad boy, so what’s not to like? Add the handsome face and British accent and I’m sold. He plays a powerful, self-assured man who knows what he wants and goes after it. That’s pretty high on the hotness scale. I’ve liked him since I saw him in The Talented Mr. Ripley and I’m ecstatic I get to see him on my TV screen every week.

Photo Credit: NBC

Actor: Raza Jaffrey of British TV series Mistresses and MI-5
Smash Character: Dev Sundaram, deputy press secretary in the mayor’s office and Karen’s extremely supportive boyfriend
Smash Assessment: He’s ambitious and extremely likable. He’s rising through the ranks at work and defends Karen to her parents when they don’t support her dreams. He is probably the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.
The Crush Factor: He’s nice to look at, has a sexy British accent, and may be one of the best TV boyfriends ever. It’s nice to see such a supportive, caring boyfriend encourage the woman he loves to go after her dreams. I think we all like bad boys, but I like the good guy even more. And there’s something about the preppy look I just love. Give me a guy in a suit any day of the week.

Photo Credit: NBC

Actor: Will Chase of Rescue Me
Smash Character:
Musical theatre star Michael Swift who is cast as Joe DiMaggio in the Marilyn musical
Smash Assessment:
He’s the man Debra Messing’s Julia strayed with the last time they worked together. Julia’s been married for 18 years and now it really seems like her and her family are serious about adopting a baby. Will Michael Swift throw a wrench in those plans? Will she be tempted to leave her husband this time around?
The Crush Factor:
He’s blond, he’s hot, what more can you ask for? We like that he has a past with Julia that we don’t know too much about. So that’s an air of mystery that just adds to his appeal. We can’t wait to hear him open his mouth and sing. We’re sure that will make him even sexier.

Smash airs at 10/9c on NBC.

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