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There’s Another Player on the Board, Person of Interest “Root Cause” 

Photo Credit: John P. Filo/CBS

We all know Finch is a computer genius. To see his skills on display every week is impressive. Actually, it’s kind of scary how easy it is for someone with his level of knowhow to use technology to spy and/or gather information. He created the machine he and Reese use to do their jobs and until tonight I assumed it was impossible to hack into any computer Finch controls. But a hacker gets into his private network. As Reese and Finch get pulled deeper into this week’s case, we see how technology can be turned against anyone.

After a sitting senator is assassinated and the patsy is neatly framed and in custody, Reese and Finch know they have a very small amount of time to save Scott Powell’s life. Even Finch was fooled by Scott Powell at first and his credentials are pretty impressive. It’s fair to assume the police won’t (and don’t) delve deeply enough to discover what Finch already knows – Scott was set up. But why? Leave it to Finch to call in backup in the form of Paige Turco‘s Zoe Morgan. I loved seeing her although I would have loved it more if Zoe had a little more screen time and/or more time with Reese. I’m not really complaining though because it was nice to see her for any amount of time.

Photo Credit: John P. Filo/CBS

Zoe helps Finch and Reese get the proof they need to exonerate Scott Powell but not before Finch’s computer system at the library is compromised. While trying to trace the hacker’s IP, he inadvertently lets a worm into his system and everything connected to the computer has to be destroyed. We thought Finch was able to sever the connection before any real damage was done but it turns out the hacker – who tells Finch he can call her Root – knows his name at the very least. He should be wary, even if he is intrigued. She calls Pete Matheson a victim of his own weakness (which is true) but she’s also a gun for hire. And she knows enough about Finch to think him a worthy opponent. Knowing how serious Finch is about keeping the machine a secret, I hope he’s vigilant about plugging this security leak. We’re not sure how much Root knows but she’s clearly interested in Finch. I like that this has thrown Finch off his game, but I hope it doesn’t put what he and Reese do at risk. Like Finch, I want to know more about Root and her endgame. I think it’s fair to see we haven’t seen the last of her.

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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