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The Secret Circle “Medallion” 

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW

Those witch hunters are a crafty bunch. They get Jake to turn on his own kind until he discovers they were actually responsible for killing his parents. He wants to help protect the Circle against them, but he also wants revenge. When Lauren Stamile‘s Lucy Gibbons shows up, she does such a great job of playing on Cassie’s naïveté. Not only is this psychic saying exactly what Cassie needs and wants to hear, but it seems like she knows what the Circle needs to do to protect itself. But as a presumed dead witch hunter proves, if someone’s outlived their helpfulness they aren’t long for this world.

Some other highlights:

Ethan Does Something Nice for Adam

It is so refreshing to see Ethan off the booze. He’s a great Dad when he’s not preoccupied with the bottle and reliving his memories of Cassie’s mom. I love that he recruited Diana to help him plan Adam’s birthday. Too bad Charles messed it up by slipping something into his coffee. But I do like that Charles has the crystal back now. And he definitely needed it.

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW

Charles Saves Dawn

I did not see it coming when Lucy stabbed Dawn so I was actually pretty worried about her. Even though she and Charles have been feuding, I knew he’d never let her die. Whatever animosity there is between them now, I think eventually they’ll be on the same page again. And from what we’ve learned recently, Charles seems to have some romantic interest in Dawn. I don’t get it, but I guess the heart wants what it wants.

Melissa Needs Some Chemical Help

She’s still missing Nick and when Faye introduces her to Devil’s Spirit, Melissa is only too happy to try it. I can understand her wanting something to take her away from her sadness and pain but she’s using too much too fast. And now that Callum’s in her life, I feel like she’s in real danger. I hope the Circle sees what’s happening and does something to help one of their own.

A rant on the Cassie/Adam/Jake Triangle

I, unlike Ethan Conant, don’t think Adam and Cassie are written in the stars. I don’t think they have any chemistry together and Adam turns strangely jealous and controlling any time Jake’s in the vicinity. Before tonight I was rooting for Jake. I love his chemistry with Cassie and even though there’s a lot Cassie doesn’t know about Jake, I believe he genuinely cares about her. If it was up to me, I’d put Cassie and Jake together every time. I think Adam is much better with Diana, although she deserves better. She’s amazing and if Adam can’t see that, Diana really does need to move on.

I don’t want to fall back on the “boys will be boys” argument for what’s going on with Jake and Faye right now. I’m just so disappointed in him, although I expect this kind of behavior from Faye. She’s been pining and jealous (although I thought that kind of went away when she met Lee. I guess not) since Jake got back to town. Jake had a connection with Cassie that Faye couldn’t compete with so I did understand her frustration. But what’s making Jake turn to her now? We know he never cared as much for Faye as she cared for him. Why is he using her like this? Even though I’m not even remotely a Faye fan, she doesn’t deserve this. And what will happen when Cassie finds out? Jake’s just giving her one more reason to push him farther away.

And what about Adam? I just don’t think he and Cassie are any good for each other. I don’t like how either of them are when they’re together. Not only does Adam act like some neanderthal who won’t allow Cassie to make decisions for herself, but she lets him. She’s a different person when she’s around him. Instead of the strong, confident girl who’s got her own opinions she turns into a cowering weakling who needs to be told what to do. I do not approve.

Maybe Cassie just needs to be by herself for a little while. Neither Jake nor Adam can handle Cassie right now, especially since she’s getting herself caught up in dark magic. I love that she’s tapping into that dark energy and exploring that side of her heritage. I can’t wait for her to meet her father and see what clarity – if any – he can give her about her powers. But, most of all, I’m hoping John Blackwell can educate all the witches in the circle. There is so little they know about their power. It would be so interesting if it turns out the one adult they can trust is John Blackwell.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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