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Channing Tatum SNL Preview (VIDEO) 

Full disclosure, y’all. I’m a Channing Tatum fan who came late to the party. I haven’t seen more than 10 minutes of Step Up, but I will cop to watching Dear John more than once, and The Vow looks to be another one I’ll watch a few times (sidebar: yes, that is Haven’s Lucas Bryant in the top hat in the wedding scene in the trailer). Last month, he was in Haywire, and this spring, we’re getting 21 Jump Street, which I never thought I’d condone as a feature and now actually looks pretty funny. So, in the midst of a busy promo push, the lovely and talented Mr. Tatum is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. I really like that he can completely take the piss out of himself before anybody else gets in line to do it. If the teaser above from NBC is any indication, he won’t be the only one having a ball Saturday night (at 11:30/10:30c).

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