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One Tree Hill “Don’t you Want to Share the Guilt?” aka The Guy Drama Episode 

It seems like the girls of One Tree Hill have their s–t together. But the guys are falling apart at the seams. There was a scene towards the end of the episode where Chase, Julian, Clay and Mouth were basically comparing their problems. That bar became guy drama central. However, I liked the way they shared their issues. It wasn’t too touchy feely. Actually, it was sort of competitive in a weird way.


Chase is a lost little puppy, isn’t he? Alex is gone and he’s just slept with a girl he’s dubbed “Not Alex.” She’s pretty sure of herself and what she wants. Too bad it turns out she’s really Chris Keller’s girlfriend. Chase doesn’t want to be that guy that sleeps with a friend’s woman. But, really, how close are those two anyway? When Tara (formerly Not Alex) shows up for more, Chase is reluctant but he gives in mighty quickly. Chris Keller won’t be happy when he hears about this.


Poor Julian. He didn’t mean to leave his baby in the car in the heat. How scary was that scene at the end of “Love the Way you Lie?” You hear about it happening in real life and you think how? But it’s not that difficult to understand. You get distracted and stressed. You’re thinking about your own problems. And then suddenly, devastation. You’re left wondering how you could have let it happen. You try to trick your mind into coming up with scenarios that don’t end the way it actually ended. Thankfully, we find out Davis is all right. Julian, I’m not so sure. He’s experiencing an incredible amount of guilt, obviously. And Brooke isn’t helping yet. She needs time to process and to protect her babies. She’s not understanding how Julian could have done this. But you can’t really know until it happens to you. That’s why I loved that scene between Haley and Julian where she shared her own horror story. I don’t know how much it helped Julian to hear it. But I’m glad she tried to be there for him. I’m glad Brooke came around too. Loved Brooke going to Julian while he was in the car trying to recreate the over-heated conditions he accidentally let his baby suffer through:

“I can’t forgive myself for this. I can’t forgive myself for being so careless. I almost took away the one thing that matters most to us. You wanted a baby more than anything. You waited and you prayed and you had a miracle happen. Your dream came true and then in one moment, in one horrible, stupid moment, I almost took that away from you.” “But you didn’t. Stop. You didn’t.”

I like the way Brooke whispered “stop” to Julian. Meaning stop beating yourself up. Stop feeling the guilt. Stop thinking about “what ifs.” Stop everything and let us be thankful that Davis is okay. That’s what I read into that single word. Loved that scene.


Clay’s a hot mess. He’s blacking out and finding himself either asleep in a park or buying drugs from a nasty, violent drug dealer. That’s who Quinn finds him with in this episode. And since she’s in total save Clay from himself mode, things go from bad to worse when the dealer pulls a gun on both of them. Later, Dan gets on his case for doing drugs. You hear that? A murderer is calling Clay on his stuff. Poor Clay. He admits to Dan he doesn’t remember seeking out the dealer. Quinn overhears and it’s time for Clay to get some help. Trouble is, he doesn’t quite like what his shrink has to say. The doctor feels it’s time for Clay to check himself into the hospital because whatever’s going on with him is serious. Next thing you know, Clay’s at the bar calling winner on having the most effed up life. He might have something there. But I’m really glad he decided to go the hospital route. It’s a smart move on his part.


Skills returns to a Millicent and Mouth mega-argument. Mouth has clearly gained lots of weight and Millicent just wants her man to be healthy. Personally, I don’t think this needs to be a whole storyline that goes for more than an episode, but that’s what’s happening here. Skills seems to be the voice of reason and finally Mouth comes to his senses. Or does he?


Where is he? Talk about guy drama. Nathan has disappeared. So we have to believe he was on the flight that Jamie was tracking because the moose he bought Lydia was lying in front of the curb outside the airport. I know James Lafferty’s only committed to a few episodes but Nathan needs to get back here now. He’s one of my favorite characters! Seriously. The previews for the next episode look intense. Did something really happen to Nathan? Since this is the final season, anything can happen. I’m flashing back to the Season 9 premiere and Haley crying over some mystery body…I really hope we find out what’s going on sooner rather than later.

One Tree Hill airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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