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Gone Too Soon: Bill Forbes Dies, The Vampire Diaries “Bringing Out the Dead” 

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW

If you watched “Bringing Out the Dead’ you know everyone pictured above is safe, but it was a tough night be to human in Mystic Falls. Bonnie and her mother succeeded in opening the coffin and I have to admit I was so surprised to see who emerged. I thought I had an idea, but I was not even close to being right. I love that Elijah and Damon had a talk and like the Salvatore brothers, I was very worried Elijah would betray them again – even after he found out what Klaus had done. I was pleasantly surprised to see Elijah kept his word, just not in the way we thought he would. But what got to me the most was seeing someone stick up for their beliefs enough to die for them. You’ll be missed Bill Forbes.

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

There are a few reasons we should hate Jack Coleman‘s Bill Forbes: He abandoned his family years ago and he tortured Caroline to try to break her of her vampire ways. But there’s one reason to love him: Caroline does. I’m sorry to see him go because despite everything, it would’ve been nice for Caroline to have him in her life. And that’s a natural response for any child to have towards a parent. Even though Caroline wanted her father to drink blood to complete his transition, it’s just something Bill couldn’t do.

“I know that you think you made your choice but you can change your mind. You know, you are strong enough to handle being a vampire. I mean, you’re the strongest person that I know.”

“No Caroline, my strength is all in my beliefs. Becoming a vampire is wrong. People aren’t supposed to cheat death. That’s just what I believe. Please respect that.”

Caroline thinks he’s willing to die because he hates who she is, but he doesn’t. He’s seen how strong she is. He’s seen the kind of woman she’s destined to become and he’s so proud of her. He doesn’t hate her. He admires how she’s chosen to live her life even after everything that’s happened to her. It was hard to watch Caroline plead for him to stay. I didn’t want her father to die, but I also didn’t want him to compromise his beliefs for anyone. I’m glad Caroline was strong enough to leave the choice up to him. She has grown a lot since she was turned and even though it was incredibly sad, I’m glad she let him go.

I would’ve loved to get to know Bill Forbes more. How was he able to train himself to resist compulsion? How would his training with Tyler have progressed? What would his presence on the council meant long term? How would he have been a better father to Caroline? Unfortunately, those questions won’t be answered but his death might help the gang find out who is targeting council members and killing them. That’s a mystery I’m very interested in exploring. With three members attacked – and all technically killed – I’m wondering who’s after them and why? And as a general rule, can people stop trying to kill Alaric? Don’t they know his ring is glitchy?

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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