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Rewind and Repeat: Tang and Cooper Help Dole Out Some Street Justice, Southland “Community” 

Photo Credit: TNT

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it lately, but I love this partnership. Jessica Tang is a no-nonesense, tough, hard-working cop. And now that Cooper’s clean and mostly pain-free, it’s nice to see him be the kind of partner I wish he could’ve been for Sherman. Tang is so used to fending off advances, she’s quite prickly at first. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a decent guy or that he’s got no interest in her, but her icy edges start to warm to him a little. I really like this partnership and I hope it continues to get better with age. My favorite moment of this partnership so far has to be when Tang and Cooper let an older guy who just got clocked for no reason get a free shot at his attacker.

Now maybe that doesn’t sound like a moment you’d want to watch more than once but I love that Tang and Cooper so in synch here. When they arrive on the scene, an older guy has a bloody nose and a few good samaritans have caught the guy who did the damage. Apparently the guy who got sucker punched looked at his assailant funny. The bloodied guy doesn’t want medical attention but he does want a free hit. Tang doesn’t see any cameras around and both she and Cooper can live with it. Cooper tells the attacker to put his hands behind his back and his chin in the air. When Tang gives the older guy tips on how to punch the younger guy, it’s kind of priceless. He even thanks her for the tips although when his tats make an appearance we start to think he knows what he’s doing.  But my favorite part are the two simple rules Cooper and Tang give the guy who’s about to recieve the hit:

“You flinch you go to jail.”

“You duck you go to jail.”

We think the older guy will wait until Cooper gets to three before he lets his fist fly but Cooper only makes it to one. And he’s down for the count. No bad. I can live with that kind of justice.

Southland airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TNT.

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