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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Lavon is Team Zoe and Wade, Hart of Dixie “Mistress and Misunderstandings” 

The CW’s Hart of Dixie was especially awesome this week, even though the way it ended was a bit frustrating. I know, I have to be patient. If I want Zoe and Wade together (which, duh), I’m going to have to wait a while. That’s how these shows work. There were two storylines in “Mistress & Misunderstandings” that were particularly interesting. 1. Zoe having to hide her friendship with AnnaBeth because there’s no way Lemon could find out and be fine with it. 2. Wade being outwardly jealous over Zoe and whomever she was hiding from the world. He, of course, thought she was keeping a relationship with a man under wraps. And he wasn’t liking it at all. Especially if said man was Judson the cute doctor that slept with Zoe’s friend earlier this season.

First of all, I totally loved Rachel Bilson in this episode. As Zoe, she was even cuter and funnier than usual, as if that’s even possible. The fact that Ms. Hart was reveling in having a girlfriend in Bluebell to hang out with was refreshing. On so many of these types of shows, it’s all about getting a man and that’s it. It’s understandable how Zoe was willing to settle for being AnnaBeth’s mistress. We all know Lemon feels entitled to everything that’s ever gone on in her home town so she certainly wouldn’t approve of AnnaBeth fraternizing with Zoe Hart.

But all this subterfuge going on makes Wade a little crankier than usual. He’s definitely interested in Zoe for more than his usual hook up (in my opinion) but he can’t make her see that he’s a viable boyfriend candidate. He’s positive Zoe’s hiding some man so he decides to take the low road and tries to make her jealous. When this doesn’t work, he turns to his friend, Lavon Hayes, who sets him straight. Lavon clues Wade in on Zoe’s “closet non-sexual girlfriend” and feels his friend needs to step up; get responsible; and throw his hat in the ring:

Lavon Hayes: “Look Wade, you’re a good guy. But if you want Zoe, you gotta stop pulling the pig tails and being bad.”
Wade: “Meaning what exactly, Lavon?”
Lavon Hayes: “Comb your damn hair. Huh? Put on a clean shirt. Zoe may not be with Judson today but there are a lot of other Judsons out there. Serious men with adult responsibilities who have the sense to tell the girl how they feel. Well, right now, there is no one else. The only thing keeping you from being with Zoe Hart is you.”

Loved the Lavon Hayes pep talk. The only thing I disagree with is telling Wade to comb his hair. Personally, I’m a fan of the messy/tousled look. Although, Wade did look adorable with his hair all tamed, I don’t really want him to change too much about himself. Besides, there are more immediate things to deal with like the fact Zoe helping out her non-sexual girlfriend sent her back into Judson’s orbit. Because the lady doctor felt the need to help AnnaBeth save face in front of the town and retain the title of Memory Matron, she kissed Judson as a cover. However, Zoe must have liked the kiss a lot because she went back in for more, which made Wade jealous all over again. I know Wade and Zoe are meant for each other someday. That day, unfortunately, isn’t today.  Maybe Bluebell’s mayor will figure out a way to get those two cool kids together sooner rather than later. Because it’s clear that Lavon’s on Team Zoe and Wade.

Hart of Dixie airs Mondays on the CW at 9/8c.

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