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5 Favorite Moments from The Good Wife “Another Ham Sandwich” 

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Once again, CBS’ The Good Wife delivered drama on the highest level. “Another Ham Sandwich” focused on the Grand Jury investigation into Will’s weekly basketball game and whether there was some bribing going on with all those rebounds and layups. Is it just us or did this episode feature an even higher dose of machinations, backstabbing and inappropriate actions? We loved it all so much we had to throw the spotlight on our 5 favorite moments from an even better than usual episode of The Good Wife. As for Stacie Hall licking the whipped cream off of Eli’s fingers? Well, we don’t know what to think about that scene just yet. Give us some time.

1. Alicia and Peter talk about Will.

Alicia and Peter Florrick finally talking about her relationship with Will Gardner was one of the best moments in an episode that had tons of great moments. Alicia knew she had to talk to her husband about going after Will. Her agenda was to get him to stop the Grand Jury investigation and prevent an indictment from ever materializing. Will’s name inevitably comes into play and Peter has this magnificent burst of anger regarding Alicia’s exact relationship with her boss. This part of the conversation was especially potent:

Alicia: “There’s nothing between us.”
Peter: “My God. You have changed. I used to be able to tell when you lied.”
Alicia: “You think I’m lying?”
Peter: “I think you’re manipulating the truth like a pro.”
Alicia: “Well, you would know about pros.”

It was a powerful, intense scene and Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth knocked it out the park. There’s so much history there between them. Does Peter have a right to be upset about Alicia sleeping with Will? Does Alicia have the right to ask her husband to call off the dogs? What is great about this show is that it’s wonderfully complex so the answers to those questions could change on any given day with any given situation. Peter and Alicia scenes are always stellar. More, please.

Photo Credit: CBS

2. Kalinda fools Dana so well she gets slapped.

Dana’s been playing Kalinda for a little while now. She’s been using that piece of paper with Alicia’s signature – the one that could be argued is proof of legal misconduct – to get Kalinda to help Dana get dirt on Will Gardner. Or, that’s what she thought. When Will asked Kalinda for help all those weeks ago (that was another great moment), we knew Kalinda would do whatever she could to get Will off on the bribery charges. But when Dana introduced this new “evidence” of Alicia’s wrongdoing, it was easy to assume Dana had the upper hand. We know how strained Alicia and Kalinda’s relationship has been and it’s only recently that things have started to thaw. We assumed Kalinda would do anything necessary – including selling Will out – to keep things between her and Alicia on the right track. We have never been so happy to be so wrong. We loved the moment when Dana realized she’d been played by Kalinda. And even more than that, we loved that Kalinda gave Dana permission to slap her. If it’s what she needed to do to feel some control over the situation (and admit Kalinda had gotten the best of her), she was free to lash out. Oh Kalinda. We do love you.

Photo Credit: CBS

3. Caitlin figures out the real purpose of the GLAC meeting.

Eli Gold and David Lee are not now and will never be friends and Alan Cumming and Zach Grenier play that so well. When Eli finds out that Caitlin is David’s niece he sees a way to strike out at him. I don’t think I can call David Eli’s nemesis, but there is definitely no love lost there and David tries to stick it to Eli when he lets it slips that he’s Alicia’s divorce attorney. With Alicia otherwise engaged, Eli starts having Caitlin do all sorts of menial tasks that are really best left to the paralegals. When David finds out about it, he has words with Eli and warns him off Caitlin. Eli is still sulky and petulant until Alicia makes him listen to what Caitlin’s research has unearthed for their GLAC pitch. Caitlin had wanted to tell him earlier that they aren’t there to pitch about a campaign against the defense of marriage act. They’re actually there to manage a crisis that isn’t public knowledge yet. And even though Caitlin’s research is vital and saves Eli from making the wrong pitch, it still takes Alicia telling (demanding?) that Eli say thank you to Caitlin before he actually does it.

4. Alicia admits to her affair with Will in front of the grand jury.

Now that Wendy Scott-Carr’s pissed that her line of questioning regarding Judge Parks didn’t go as planned, she wants to hit Will where it hurts. And what is going to hurt him most – or at least make him look bad – is his affair with Alicia. If he’s willing to cross moral lines, maybe it isn’t such a stress to the grand jury to believe he’d cross legal lines too. And Will did serve the McDermott case up to them on a golden platter to try to keep Alicia out of it. Elsbeth Tascioni warns her that Wendy Scott-Carr can ask anything. We weren’t surprised when Alicia was asked about an affair with Will, we were just surprised she answered the question – but not before Cary whispered about the inappropriate nature of the question. It clear to see where Wendy’s trying to go and Alicia is having none of it. Even though Wendy says she’s not done, Alicia is done answering questions. Wendy warns her that she’s in contempt and Alicia challenges Wendy to arrest her, after she tells Wendy she’s out of control. When it looks like Will’s going to be indicted, Alicia realizes the transcript of the grand jury proceedings will be made public. But things don’t quite go in Wendy Scott-Carr’s favor and Will doesn’t get indicted.

Photo Credit: CBS

5. Peter tells Wendy Scott-Carr to get out of his office.

Wendy loses control of her case against Will; there will be no indictment. While everyone at Lockhart & Gardner celebrates, Wendy shows up at Peter’s office still determined to get Will. Only thing is Peter’s not having her at all. And it begins and ends with the fact Ms. Scott-Carr called Alicia to the stand. What did she think that was going to accomplish? Peter certainly wasn’t happy. If looks could kill, she’d be d-e-a-d. What it did get Wendy Scott-Carr was das boot and she was on the business end of one of my favorite lines of the episode: “Thank you for your service. My assistant will validate your parking.” So cold, Peter. So cold. Of course, Wendy Scott-Carr doesn’t sound like she’s going to go away any time soon. She threatens to turn over the evidence to the Bar Association and let them go after Will. Why is she so hell bent on bringing Will down? Don’t know if/when she’ll be returning but it’s a good bet for the immediate future, she’ll be going home to lick her wounds. She’s 0 for 2. First, the election where she ran against Peter; and now this indictment. That’s rough.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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