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3 Surprising Developments on Being Human’s “All Out of Blood” 

Photo Credit: Syfy

I’ve loved that Season Two of Being Human has been going in a darker, much more complicated direction but nothing prepared me for the surprises in tonight’s episode. I love the path each of these characters must travel to find out who they are, find out how far they’re willing to go, and cope with what they’ve become. In “All Out of Blood,” everyone must face some hard truths. 

1. Aidan is sleeping with Josh’s ex-fiancée Julia. Wow. Hands down the best moment of the season so far has got to be when Aidan introduces Julia to everyone. I didn’t see that coming and it’s such a wonderfully uncomfortable moment. Josh essentially ran away from Julia after he got scratched so neither one of them has ever had closure. And it’s a big deal for Aidan to trust himself enough around a human to a) have sex with her and b) keep wanting to see her. It definitely seemed like they were on the road to a relationship but that’s definitely out of the question now. And talk about an awkward situation at home. Josh is worried. He doesn’t want Julia to get hurt any more than she already is and he doesn’t want Aidan to lose control. Even though Julia’s not convinced they should stop seeing each other, Aidan has to put an end to it. And to make matters worse, he’s sick from having his blood supply cut off at work. This could spiral out of control so quickly. Part of me is glad he got his fix, but a bigger part of me is worried what this means. Where or who is his next meal going to come from?

Photo Credit: Syfy

2. Nora lets her wolf instincts take over. Josh is all about safety first and taming his inner beast. But it’s new to Nora and she’s kind of enjoying some aspects of her new self. She can smell and hear better and she’s relying on her instincts more. The only problem is that her instincts are telling her to run free when Josh’s words are telling her to cage herself in. He gets them his and her storage units so they can wolf out safely. Josh thinks this will keep Nora’s wolf from killing someone. What he finds out is Nora knows she killed someone and still wants to be free. She’s not convinced she’ll be a real danger to anyone again until she’s interrupted while stalking her prey – who just happens to be Josh’s ex Julia. Josh (and Aidan) probably wouldn’t  have been too happy to discover Julia dead. But how long will this solution work?

3. Sally wants to be reincarnated. First of all, I didn’t know this was an option and neither did Sally until she stumbled upon Zoe Gonzalez, a woman who can see Sally even though she’s not dead. And it turns out she has some sort of psychic connection and can help ghosts enter into babies. Sally’s tired of only being able to observe; she wants back in the game. But there are rules, of course. First, there’s no jumping to the front of the line. Second, only sick babies can be entered and even then Zoe needs to help with the transition. Third, Sally’s not eligible. Whatever dark force is pursuing Sally would follow her after she was reincarnated and then she’d be a defenseless little baby. But something good does come out of this: Sally has a new friend. Sure, she can count on Aidan and Josh to have her back but Zoe is going to try to help Sally understand what’s after her and maybe even help her get rid of it. And Zoe’s female. Sometimes you just need a girlfriend.

Being Human airs Mondays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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