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Parks and Rec “Bowling For Votes” 

Photo Credit: NBC

We all know how Leslie gets when she fixates on something. So instead of having a fun night at the bowling alley and getting to know some of her future constituents (hopefully), Leslie spends the entire night trying to get some jerk to like her. Meanwhile, Chris, Jerry, Donna, Andy, and April are in charge of fundraising for Team Knope. Things get a little uncomfortable at Casa Dwyer/Ludgate/Wyatt when Jerry tells everyone that Millie’s breaking up with Chris while Chris is out of the room. And those are just some of the highlight’s from “Bowling For Votes.”

There were so many great moments in tonight’s episode. Here are my favorites (which, apparently is most of them):

  • Leslie pulling out her scarily thick binder of research on the “bowling comment” guy. I mean, she found out his name – Steve – and even went so far as to find out his average bowling score. Yeah, she’s not obsessive. At all.
  • Leslie trying to look laid back and failing spectacularly. I love that she doesn’t know how to be relaxed. I also love that she momentarily forgets how to stand normally. Later, it’s suggested she may even have scoliosis.
  • Tom doing it up “Drive” style for bowling. That black jacket with the golden scorpion is hot. Of course, Ryan Gosling‘s white version is amazing but I’m gonna say Tom gives him a run for his money. I don’t mean it, but I’m gonna say it.
  • Chris Traeger’s happy dance isn’t nearly as awesome as his dance at April and Andy’s wedding, but it’s still kinda funny – mostly because after that April vows to take him down.
  • Ron watching – in horror – as Tom bowls like a child and keeps knocking down a whole lot of pins.
  • April changing her personality to suit the person she’s talking to on the phone. It’s hilarious and what’s even funnier is seeing how much she hates what she’s doing.
  • Ann and Ron’s reaction to Ron “accidentally” crushing Tom’s finger. Ron can’t believe Tom’s acting like such a baby. Ann – wisely – takes Tom away to help nurse his finger back to health.
  • Ben punching Derek right in his face. I love that it surprised Leslie, but may have surprised Ben even more. And, of course, I liked it when Leslie couldn’t stop herself from kissing her big (nope, still small but big enough) strong (no, actually kinda wimpy but still manly) man.
  • April trying to comfort Chris by doing something nice. She gives him three movie tickets (as a gesture) thinking she, Andy, and Chris can go to the movies together sometime. And she hugs him. Awwwww.
  • Leslie trying to stay on message and apologize for Ben’s actions but changing her mind. She calls Derek out for his horrible attitude and behavior. She says what Ben did was awesome and she can’t be sorry about it. And maybe that’s what her campaign needed to turn itself around.
  • Ron sneaking into the bowling alley in disguise and using Tom’s method to bowl a perfect game. When the owner wants to put Ron’s name up on the wall, Ron tells him he was never there and they’ll never speak of it again.
Photo Credit: NBC

Great lines:

“I actually thought that she was smart and I’d vote for her. Although I once knew a Leslie and, uh, she was just awful. So now I hate all Leslies. Would she consider changing her name?”

“Is everybody feeling good?” “Oh, I don’t know Jerry. It’s Sunday night, I’m making phone calls to strangers, and you’re in my house. My life couldn’t be worse.”

“You’re probably thinking how could it possibly be fun?” “No one’s thinking that.” “I kinda was.” “I was not.” “Why are we laughing?”

“This bowling alley has my favorite restaurant in Pawnee.” “Really? You’re not scared to eat here?” “When I eat it is the food that is scared.”

“I don’t really know why you would need my social security number. Well yeah, no, you’re right. I guess it couldn’t hurt to give it to ya.”

“I don’t care about that prize. But I’m gonna win because I want his happiness to go away.”

“Type in T Rex for me. No no no. Um, T Boz. Wait wait. Tommy Tsunami. Nope. Tiki Tiki Tom Tom. Nope. Fly Guy.” “I wrote Tom.” “Classic. Timeless. I love it.”

“Straight down the middle. No hook, no spin, no fuss. Anything more and this becomes figure skating.”

“You are so down with strikes they should call you Norma Rae.”

“You’re being weird. Why?” “Millie’s gonna break up with Chris.” “Shut up.” “Oh my God. That’s gonna be super weird when they move in together.”

“Hey, Leslie, I’d like to introduce you to my good friend Anyone Else.” “Not now Ben. I’d like to introduce Derek’s ass to my foot.”

“What Champion? You need to go outside now? Come on. Atta boy. Sorry, he’s…hates awkward situations.”

“I wished for his happiness to go away. I might be a wizard.”

“The headline I would’ve gone with is ‘No Strike Bowling Bowler Struck by Knope’s Striking Beau.'”

Parks and Rec airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.

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