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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from the Chuck Series Finale 

That’s the way to go out. Chuck went off the air with a wonderful send-off that was emotional, uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. It really was some of Zachary Levi’s best work ever. He shattered my heart a few times over as Chuck had to face life with a Sarah Walker that didn’t remember much of anything about the last five years. But it was through this memory loss that we got back in touch with the Chuck that we’ve grown to love over the years. There were so many nods to the beginning of the series. It was nice to reflect on the show’s past even while wondering what the future was going to hold for Sarah and Chuck. I choose to think they’re going to work their way back to each other.
There were a ton of Moments of Goodness from the two-part series finale, although some could double as Moments of Sadness because at times they left me a blubbering mess. That happened twice actually (that I’m admitting to). But there was so much to love I couldn’t select just one.

Moment of Goodness #1: Chuck and Sarah at the beach

It’s the way the series finale ended. They were sitting on the beach and Chuck was telling Sarah their story. The flashbacks weaved in and out as Sarah laughed and cried depending on what story he was telling. And then he told her about what Morgan suggested; that all they needed to do was kiss and her memories would come flooding back. That’s what they did. We got to see them kiss one more time and it was deep and passionate but did it do the job? We won’t know. We might not know ever. What I do know it that it was so simple and sweet and sad and it was kind of the perfect way to end the series. Even though I still don’t quite feel like their story’s over. Or maybe I don’t want it to be over.

Moment of Goodness #2: Chuck gets the intersect back

This entire fifth season we’ve had to live without Chuck having the intersect. I can’t believe I started missing the way his eyes roll when he starts to flash. I especially missed it when we had to put up with Morgan having the intersect in the first three episodes. Thankfully, we made it past that and when Sarah got it shortly before the finale, it left me wondering if we were ever going to see Chuck flash again. We did and it was glorious. He saved General Beckman and everyone at the concert hall and he and Sarah worked together to diffuse the bomb. I’m glad things ended with Chuck having the intersect. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Moment of Goodness #3: Chuck tries to get Sarah to remember at Sarah’s dream house

Sarah was knee deep in thinking her relationship with Chuck was just a cover. As far as she was concerned, she was following Quinn’s orders to grab the intersect glasses and kill Chuck. That was her mission. While Chuck had Sarah tied up to a chair in their future house, he decided to show some faith in her and untied her. He insisted that even though he started out as her assignment, things progressed and they fell in love. THEY fell in love with each other. It wasn’t a one-way street at all:

“So please remember this house and the red door and the white picket fence and the family we were going to raise together. And remember me. Because if you remember me, then you’ll remember that a nerdy guy like me who works in a Buy More could make you happy. So I’m going to give you a choice right here right now; it’s up to you. You can either take a chance and we can start over; or you can take these glasses that you came for and never see me again.”

Sarah thought she did her job too well and couldn’t make that leap to believe Chuck. It was a devastating moment. Again, Levi outdid himself in this scene. It left me in shambles. There was that one second when she saw the Sarah & Chuck carved into the wall of the house I thought she was going to remember everything. But she didn’t. This all falls under the Moment of Goodness umbrella because it was so emotional and intense and I couldn’t turn away. This show has moved me over the seasons but not like this. And not this much.

Moment of Goodness #4: Casey visits Sarah and leaves a DVD

First of all, both Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin excelled in this two-parter. Casey was going through an identity crisis of his own. Like Sarah, he had a bit of a return to his former self, the Casey we met in the pilot who was ruthless and all about the job. He struggled with the guy he had become over the last five years. The one who made friends and found his long lost daughter and fell in love. Could he abandon this John in order to return to the brutal unforgiving John Casey of yesterday? Thankfully, he didn’t.

While Casey was responsible for a couple great moments, I really did enjoy this scene he had with Sarah. He knew where to find her at the end of the first hour. And he dropped off a DVD he felt she needed to see. He was a stranger to Sarah; she only knew him by reputation. It was fascinating to watch how every relationship regressed because Sarah wasn’t playing with a full deck of memories. Loved how John basically admitted that having Chuck in their lives had changed them, made them a little soft. He dropped off the DVD and left. Sarah proceeded to watch a video journal or log of herself as she described each day of her mission with Chuck. All I hoped for was one of those daily logs to jar her memory somehow. The most touching part was when Present Sarah watched Past Sarah admit her love for Chuck:

“Day 564. Things are calm for once. No missions. Nothing really to report. Except I still find myself sitting here talking to myself because…because I love him. I love Chuck Bartowski and I don’t know what to do about it.”

You know, Sarah teared up at this point and so did I. She was seeing herself talk about falling in love with this guy she barely remembers. And then later she admits to Chuck that while she believes him now it doesn’t change anything because she doesn’t feel it. Such a depressing and incredibly painful thing to admit and to hear from the woman you love so desperately and completely.

Moment #5: Jeffster’s impromptu concert

One of my favorite parts of Season 5 was when Devon fixed Jeff and then all of a sudden the slacker Buy More employee was lucid and wise and amazing. The tough love tactics he used to try and repair Lester were hilarious and so great to see. I loved this new Jeff and it breathed some fresh life into this friendship. Their relationship was tested for much of the season and they came through it with flying colors. Plus, they finally were let in on the Spy More secret. On top of that, they got to help save the day at the concert hall. If the orchestra stopped, the bomb would go off and Jeffster! couldn’t let that happen. They took control with a stirring orchestra-backed rendition of A-Ha’s “Take on Me” and as a result of their good deed, a German record producer wanted to make them famous. Loved that they got their happy ending. In Germany.

Other thoughts and amazing moments:

  • Morgan and Alex deciding to move in together
  • Alex giving her blessing to her dad as Casey decided to go after his girlfriend Gertrude
  • Loved Chuck and Sarah dancing the tango again
  • I can’t forget Ellie and Awesome. I’m sad they’re moving away from Chuck but so happy they’re leaving for a life in Chicago that comes complete with a house and two great jobs and they’ll probably have more kids. I’m also happy that they were involved in the action as well. I’m going to miss this couple.
  • Linda Hamilton returned as Chuck and Ellie’s mom. It was good to see her again and it’s great how she’s taken to the whole grandma thing so well.
  • It was nice to see Mark Pellegrino even though it was a brief scene.

Goodbye, Chuck. Thank you for everything.

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