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We Need to Know: When will we find out Ruby/Red’s Story on ABC’s Once Upon a Time? 

Photo Credit: ABC

First let me say that ABC’s Once Upon a Time is right up there with Revenge as my favorite new show of the season. It has been pitch perfect in just about everything — especially the portrayal of the Evil Queen/Regina as well as the tortured relationship that exists between Snow White and her Prince Charming. Emma Swan blowing into the town of Storybrooke — and staying — has given us great drama as well. Young Henry has done an excellent job of keeping our imaginations alive with his quest to get everyone to remember their Fairy Tale past. And Rumplestiltskin has quickly become one of the best characters on TV. In addition to the major storylines, we’ve also watched episode-specific stories featuring popular characters from fairy tale history like Cinderella, Jiminy Cricket, and Hansel and Gretel unfold.

One of my complaints is that the show is slow to give us anything substantial with Ruby/Red Riding Hood. Normally, this would be cool, but the character has been on the canvas since the pilot. We’ve seen her appear here and there in various increments but not nearly enough. We’ve seen her working at the diner in very revealing clothes and high heels, flirting with boys, being a bit surly but also being a good friend to Ashley/Cinderella. In “7:15 AM,” we finally got to see her in the Fairy Tale Land version of the series and she seemed to be pals with Snow White. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, while it’s clear Ruby and Mary Margaret know each other, they don’t seem to be all that close. How did that happen?

Photo Credit: ABC

Why is the show taking its old sweet time in threading Red’s story into the action? From the credits, actress Meghan Ory is listed as guest star, which means, her role is probably recurring. But will it ever be anything more than that? We’re just about halfway through the season; the longer the show waits the more impatient I get. I hope they come up with a great spin on the Red Riding Hood story much like they’ve done with everything else. So far, Ruby’s story is on a slow burn but there seems like there’s so much there. I get that in this first season the major stories have to be dealt with — and I’m loving every bit of it — but, man, I’m beyond curious to find out more about her. I hope to see her story explored soon.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC at 8/7c. 

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