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Guest Star Goodness

It Was So Good To See You: Guide to Guest Stars (Week of January 15) 

Photo Credit: ABC

This past week there were a lot of great guest stars who appeared on some of my favorite shows. Let’s start with actors Nicholas Lea and Eion Bailey as well as actress Emma Caulfield all appearing in last Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Nicholas appeared as the father of Hansel and Gretel in both the fairytale and Storybrooke worlds while Eion was the stranger who drove into town on a motorcycle. Meanwhile, Emma was the Blind Witch going after Hansel and Gretel. 

Photo Credit: ABC

As most TV fans recall, Nicholas was featured in last week’s column so let’s focus on the work done by Eion, which includes a recurring role in Covert Affairs and ER as well as the Band of Brothers mini-series and the box office films Fight Club and Almost Famous.

Photo Credit: ABC

Meanwhile, Emma is, of course, best known for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beverly Hills 90210, Life Unexpected and the short-lived series Gigantic.  She also appeared in the made-for-TV movie I Want to Marry Ryan Banks and the box office film Darkness Falls.

Rebecca Field

Over on Monday night’s episode of Castle, actress Rebecca Field appeared as the CEO of a phone sex operation and actor Steven Brand, who appeared as a book editor. Rebecca is probably best known for her role in October Road as well as a recurring role on HawthoRNe and guest roles in Drop Dead Diva, Breakout Kings and Dollhouse.

Steven Brand. Photo Credit: ABC

Steven appeared in the box office film The Scorpion King as well as roles in the short-lived series Point Pleasant and the mini-series Samurai Girl.

Paul McGillion

That same night on the debut of the FOX drama Alcatraz, actor Paul McGillion had a small role as the son of returning inmate Jack Sylvane’s brother. Paul had a recurring role in Stargate Atlantis as well as Sanctuary and made guest appearances in 24, V and Supernatural. He has also starred in the made-for-TV movies Beyond Loch Ness, Christmas Magic, Finding a Family and Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story.

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family

On Tuesday night, actor Oded Fehr showed up, albeit briefly, on Jane By Design as a rival of Gray’s (Andie McDowell), who turned out to be her soon-to-be ex-husband.  Oded is best known for his role in the box office films The Mummy and The Mummy Returns as well as the Resident Evil franchise. He has also had roles in the short-lived series UC: Undercover and Presidio Med as well as roles in Sleeper Cell and Charmed.

Kathleen Rose Perkins

Royal Pains returned for the rest of its current season on Wednesday night with actress Kathleen Rose Perkins appearing as a caterer overseeing a huge blowout party of the summer. Kathleen has appeared in the shows Tell Me You Love Me, Til Death, Episodes and the short-live series Trust Me. She also guest starred in NCIS: Los Angeles, American Horror Story, Lie to Me and Private Practice.

On Thursday night, actor Nick Mancuso and actress Kristin Lehman appeared in the new NBC series The Firm. Nick appeared as a henchman to the new mob boss, who might be after the McDeere family while Kristin was a therapist on trial for murder.

Nick Mancuso

Nick has a long resume of TV roles, including the series Stingray, the mini-series Wild Palms and the box office film Under Siege.

Kristin Lehman

Meanwhile Kristin is best known for her role on The Killing as well as the short-lived series Drive and Judging Amy. She also appeared in the box office film The Sentinel.


Ben Browder

Lastly, actor Ben Browder appeared on Friday night’s penultimate episode of Chuck as a henchman for Nicholas Quinn. Ben is best known for his roles in the latter seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Farscape, but he also appeared in episodes of Party of Five as well as the made-for-TV movies Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and Danielle Steel’s Secrets.

So, there you have my list of familiar faces from this past week’s TV fare. What familiar faces did you see on your favorite shows?  Please share.

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